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Pulling up my Big Girls Pants

You know that child like anticipation before the big unveiling of presents on Christmas morning?

Well, it isn’t that feeling that I’m experiencing.

The gut retching churning I have at present could be compared to been told to take myself off to the Dental Nurse. Of course, been obedient. I did. Though not straight away. A few circuits of the sports field needed to be completed. Walking very slowly. One black leather school shoe in front of the other through the wet grass. I still couldn’t come up with a valid reason why I should be seating myself in that dental chair. My imagination and formulation of dreaded diseases weren’t feasible even using my active child brain.

It wasn’t possible.

I was 8 years old.

No adult brain, not yet.

Then I looked over to the Murder House. There stood the dental nurse, wearing her stiff starched white uniform and unfathomable facial expression, looking towards my exact location. On closer inspection, I do believe she was not amused. Deep breath, and my head full of tales that weren’t going to be believed. There’s always hope she will be agreeable and spare me unnecessary pain.

So, you see, history does repeat.

Just with different circumstances though the end result plain to see and no matter how much I try to avoid the inevitable, it is still going to happen, at some point. That pain and out of my control situations.

Life moves on and it’s time to pull on my big girls pants.

I am no longer 8 years old.

Though still full of hope for more good things in life and less of the bad.

I’ve got this and so has the Squire and not a dental nurse in sight.

26 thoughts on “Pulling up my Big Girls Pants”

    1. Hi Chris, I’m not sure at this stage. Motutapu Ward have differing rules regarding visitors and Covid. This due to most if not all patients not having any white blood cells and other issues. Les is one of those. No one from the Bay or else can can come into my bubble there’s still restrictions coming or going into Auckland. My main priority is to visit Les.
      Thanks for yours, Chris xx


  1. Oh how I wish you hadn’t brought up the dentist. I’m having what’s left of a snapped-off tooth out in a couple of weeks and I’ve managed to put it out of my head so far. I’m glad the rambling is still helping, though.

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      1. I beg to differ, but I won’t go into details, since they would scare even those who aren’t afraid of going to the dentist. Suffice it to say that six months after the day in question I still have no feeling in a part of my face and my dentist referred me to the hospital where the consultant said he would take the tooth out, not because my own dentist couldn’t do it, but because he didn’t think I have any confidence in my dentist, which is true.

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  2. So sorry to read this, although it’s brilliantly written and spot on. A time for courage and resolve. There can be light at the end of the tunnel, however dark it looks. Thinking of you x

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    1. Thanks very much, Tracey. I was in a mood to ramble on about a time I had forgotten about until I stood staring at a sports field at the local park. Funny how one thought leads to another.


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