Life at No.22, Musings, Walks

A Reflective Walk

The Stars shine

Creating a sense of company

The sea breeze gently pushes me

To where the trees stand tall

Ready to listen to my pain

The birds shake me awake

Singing my worries away

Out into the sunshine

Where my darkness is removed

Nature is indeed an incredible healer.

38 thoughts on “A Reflective Walk”

  1. Always thinking of you and Les, Suzanne, and your journey. Fingers crossed for a happy outcome, but I understand that it’s a stressful time with no guarantees. Your words and images are lovely, that sunrise very special and I think nature has a wonderful way of restoring us when the chips are down. Are you still in Auckland, or back home now? If home then the familiar territory will be a healer. Hugs to you both (( ))

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    1. Hiya Nilla, getting there it’s still reasonably stressful and a slow recovery process for Les. Things aren’t happening the way the medical team predicted they would. One day at a time. Hope life in Queensland is going well for you both.


    1. Cheers, Liesbet, for your kind words. I have a significant problem deciding which images to put on our walls. In the end, due to frustration at my lack of decision making, it never gets done. We have a few black and white images from our travelling days on the wall, which are appreciated by us both and cheer us up.

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    1. Hi Jo, this was written a while ago when our stress levels were higher. Time moves on, and we’re still not sure when it will come right. One day at a time. Your walk sounds excellent and even more so that I know what it feels like to wander along Portugal’s coastline. Good memories.

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      1. You’re still here, Suzanne, and stress levels lower. As you say, one day at a time. Never worry about a slow reply. I spend more time on here than is good for me, but it’s one of my ways of relaxing. Sending hugs!

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        1. I certainly think if you enjoy the blogging world, surely it can’t be bad for you. Like everything in life, I suppose it’s all a balancing act, whether it be eating cheese, walking, or being online. Stress levels fluctuate depending on Les’s blood results. These last few weeks haven’t been good. Thanks for the hugs sending one back πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks, Pauline, I’ve lost my blogging mojo at the moment. Then thought I had better post something to start the year off. So I’ve published one from the depths of my draft folder which is full of unfinished posts.

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        1. Thanks, Pauline, and blogging is such a rewarding creative hobby, so I am trying to keep up when I can. I enjoy and learn so much from reading blogs and communicating with other bloggers. It is fun πŸ™‚

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