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Jacaranda Capital of New Zealand

It seems that summer is still upon us during the day in the sunny Bay of Plenty, even though it is Autumn by night and April is here. Late as I might be and way behind in sharing many half-written posts, it is time to catch up and share a few lines with images of a particular tree that shines under the summer sun and brightens up the dullest of days.

Some could say it outshines a colourful sunset

The Summer Tree

Blue skies dangling

Between swaying branches

Just Summer Jacaranda

Late December in Auckland

Though the beautiful Jacaranda lives quite happily in Auckland and other northern places, Tauranga is the Jacaranda Capital of New Zealand. Our city received that notoriety in 2004, when the jacaranda flower display was particularly spectacular, resulting in local growers suggesting Tauranga could stake its claim as the Jacaranda capital of New Zealand, and it did. Many of those prolific purple/Persian blue blooming trees are situated around our neighbourhood. Presently, so many changes are occurring in our inner-city landscape, and hopefully, none of our spectacular trees will become part of that changing landscape.

Those glorious purple/Persian blue blooms outshine the roses, just for a short while.
The same tree from a different angle and looking towards the Rose Gardens and the harbour.

34 thoughts on “Jacaranda Capital of New Zealand”

  1. Life enhancing, aren’t they? They flourish here too. They must make your city a very beautiful place to live. I think that you and your pilot lady have chosen rather well.
    Hope you have good progress with Les.

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    1. Hiya Jo, not much news on the medical front. Perhaps after visiting his oncologist we should know more about what’s going on. It is a lovely place to live, not perfect though what place is?

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  2. What a beauty you have for a City Tree! I am so captivated by your Feature photo – the sunset, the purple blooms, the lines of light & shadow …

    Also love seeing the tree on the streets, as well as your appropo poem for the Summer Jacaranda!

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  3. We are just getting into jacaranda tree season here. In fact, I told my husband this morning that I just saw the first one in bloom. The purple is so joyful both in the treetops as well as when it carpets the area below (although I’m happy it’s not my job to sweep the spent blooms up 🙂 ). Enjoy the purple reign!

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    1. Hiya Janis, our Jacaranda season starts in Spring/Summer the same as you just at different times in the calendar. They are lovely and cheerful. I just have to wait till near the end of the year 🙂 Enjoy 🙂

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  4. I’m a sucker for purple flowers so jacarandas are among my favourite trees for sure! I’m always sorry we don’t get them here in the UK, I have to go abroad to get my fix. These look wonderful!

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  5. Suzanne, is this the same type of tree that is found in Spain? I’ve been told about a tree that blooms with a stunning blue flower, but my friend didn’t know what it was, this could be it? It’s beautiful x

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    1. Hiya Sonia, yes I believe it could be the same tree though I don’t remember seeing any of them in flower when we stayed in various places around Spain. They are prolific in Australia and are originally from South America. Good to hear from you and I hope all’s well with you in Ireland?

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      1. Yeah, life is full on, after a v difficult year in many ways. Hopefully it’s settling, though I’m mom of teenagers now, so there’s that 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. We are still getting early to mid twenties here and it’s April and during summer mid to high twenties is the normal with a few mid 30’s to keep us on our toes or in the ocean for a swim.

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