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Daffodil Day

Tomorrow is Daffodil Day here in Aotearoa, and it is a day to acknowledge all those who are or have been affected by cancer and, more importantly, for the organisation to fundraise. As most of you know, the Squire has been in the onology medical system for nearly four years this coming November. Since last September, our life has been exceptionally challenging, and there are still so many unknowns with his ongoing treatment. He has had incredible medical people guiding him through his journey, and we will always be grateful to them.

Here’s a snippet of one outstanding person who made a difference in our day by making us smile.

The Squire needs to have weekly blood tests [five large vials taken], and one test requires using special equipment called a butterfly needle. This week he had a nurse who was recently introduced to this complex needle via the Squire. She, in turn, acknowledged the Squire with a badge she made at home and wears proudly. It’s made of plasticine? that has a butterfly and five coloured test tube shapes shaped into a rainbow. Then she drew a smiley face on his plaster as he had to make two trips to the PathLab this week. Because she could and because she’s a beautiful human being.

The beach was adorned with a rainbow

Who says small caring deeds are exclusively for children?

To assist in the Cancer Society’s fundraising [not a personal fundraiser], I have set up a page; click on the following link:

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