Life at No.22, Poetry

The Glow of Opportunity – 2023

Wishing 2023 holds as much hope, opportunities, laughter and love as you can grab with both hands.

She is bright and warm

She resonates love with each sighting

She embodies wonderment.

She is that morning embrace

She is a million kind words said aloud

She is hope.

She is nature beyond reproach

She is life

She is the sunrise.

22 thoughts on “The Glow of Opportunity – 2023”

    1. It was Tracy, with a 5am start to get up Mount Maunganui [Mauao] to see the sunrise. Unfortunately, I mucked around too much going up, so the sun beat me up to the top. Though enjoyed the experience as the sun was still low on the horizon.

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  1. Sunrise or sunset over water is always so good to see. You have some stunning shots here Suzanne, I’m not a morning person, but with views like this I should make more of an effort.

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