Life at No.22, Nature Photo Challenge

Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns

It’s been a while since I have dug deep into my array of photos to participate in another challenge—nothing like variety to spice up blogging enthusiasm.

Today’s challenge is from Denzil of Denzil Nature. He invites us to find and photograph patterns in nature. Nature provides such a wide variety, and one that is capturing my attention from our balcony – is the Monarch Butterfly. Here in New Zealand, summer has supposedly departed though these graceful colourful butterflies are still making their presence known around the community gardens and beyond.

Butterfly Patterns across the Motu [NZ Islands]

Launching off this gorgeous Zinna – Bay of Plenty
The next landing spot – Bay of Plenty
Tussock Butterfly – Central Otago

The best time to capture these delicate beings is before the day’s heat has fully warmed their wings. Remember to pop over and visit Denzel for a visual feast of nature’s patterns.

Clustering on a conifer during a cool winter’s morning.

20 thoughts on “Nature Photo Challenge: Patterns”

  1. Stunning photos, Suzanne! I am among those who did not know there were monarchs in New Zealand. Lucky you.😊 We see only a few each year where I live. Just passing through, but not on one of their regular flyways.

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  2. Thanks for participating Suzanne. These monarchs are glorious. I didn’t realize they appear in New Zealand; I thought they were only in the Americas. Do they mass migrate to/from New Zealand as they do in the States?

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    1. Thanks Janis, surprises abound when eyes wide open. Actually some of the most stunning moments have been when I didn’t have my larger camera. Murphy’s law, whoever murphy is.


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