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Wired to Travel

"The compulsion to see what lies beyond that far ridge or that ocean —or this planet— is a defining part of human identity and success." While most people are content to find an oasis or perhaps another slice of paradise to escape their daily grind for a few weeks of the year.  There are others, like… Continue reading Wired to Travel

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Growing up in PARADISE – Part 2

As previously stated in Growing up in Paradise I was a baby in the '50s, a child of the '60s and a teenager in the '70s and adulthood from the late seventies.  Life was pretty free and easy back then, even though times were a changing. High School, school certificate, and no driver's licence, in that… Continue reading Growing up in PARADISE – Part 2

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A memory – Love is …

Funny, how memories can randomly spark an interest, and, "I wonder what happened to ...?". Today's little gem concerns a particular cartoon. It was cute. It inflamed my teenage romantic reality of love. I looked forward to reading it. In our local rag. Back in the heydays. The local rag is still going, and so IS the cartoon.… Continue reading A memory – Love is …

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Change the End Digit – it's 2018

Us two, an ordinary couple are about to launch into another extraordinary year. Which means we are more than a wee bit excited to again have the opportunity to housesit for another year caring for animals, meeting new people and ones we now call friends.  Most of all, exploring a new corner in a new and revisited… Continue reading Change the End Digit – it's 2018

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The Best of 2017 & 11 photographs

Okay, my lovelies, I have succumbed to being one of the masses, as in bloggers who have displayed their "Best Photographs for 2017". Here goes. The angsting moments where I try to make a decision which ones I love and an explanation of why.  It was a hard decision as every photo is a favourite for… Continue reading The Best of 2017 & 11 photographs