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Life in Colour – White as White can be

The sun’s shining and has been all week, and I’m just back from my early morning walk, which always perks me up. It’s now time to catch up on some blogging and, especially, photography challenges. Jude’s blog – Life in Colour – is always a favourite of mine to participate in though I’m usually tardy in my response which in real life being late is not my style at all.

Back to the subject of the weather and all things white.

The Bay of Plenty has a temperate climate, no snow, more like rain that stains our streets and roads. It is winter after all, so I can’t complain. Never say never, regarding weather as Mother Nature can throw us, humans, off-balance in a spectacular fashion when she chooses. Locally she did just that many years ago via a significant storm that dumped an abundance of hail on Papamoa beach.

This post isn’t about the weather as much; as it is about the colour white. In a previous life, we had the opportunity to have a winter housesitting in Northern France, and best of all, our surroundings magically turned snowy white on a few occasions.

Here are a few other whitish moments.

Housesitting Northern France – 2017 – Louie and Nellie being so patient not that the reward of dog biscuits had anything to do with their compliant behaviour. On reflection this photo hasn’t too much white though our memories of that time were of snow and very frosty walks. Good memories.
A forest walk in Northern France
The Squire – At the base of the Pyrenees – from Madrid to San Sebastian
Taken during Spring 2009, we stopped on the Desert Road, central North Island on our way down to the South Island. I was that cold I borrowed the Squires jacket. Those were the magical days of motorhoming and random unpredictable weather events.

28 thoughts on “Life in Colour – White as White can be”

    1. Thanks, Nilla. We’re keeping a low profile and playing the waiting game until Les’s transplant, earliest will be spring. Hope you two are still enjoying being back in Aussie. Are you still wanting to head back to Italy?

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      1. I wasn’t aware that Les is undergoing a transplant. Hope that it all goes well.
        We’re both working full time and renovating our house on the weekends, which is tough and slow.
        All our boxes arrived from Italy this week after 3 months at sea. I’m not sure if we’ll get there to live again but definitely to visit for a few months. 🙂

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            1. You’re doing a very positive thing by creating a fabulous home. Your rental looked fantastic after you finished. Travelling won’t ever be as carefree as we knew it. I shudder at the cost and the long immigration lines.
              I’m still using messenger (FB) though not using FB itself if you want to keep in touch via there again.

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    1. We are having a coolish month with single figure temperatures in the morning and glorious sunshine for the day reaching around 14-16 degs. I enjoy cool mornings then warmer days. August will be warmer for you? Fingers crossed.

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    1. Thanks very much, Derrick, pleased you enjoyed it. We found southern Spanish homes very cold during the cooler months unlike the lovely central heated homes in France and the UK.

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  1. I’ve been reading the comments and after someone’s error with ‘shapeup’ I misread the one above I thought Donna was admiring your shoes!

    I love your white photos – the dogs have that unmistakable look of ‘Can we have our biscuits now?’

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    1. Thanks very much, Sue. Yes, you’re right they were salivating. Plus, Les’s patience was running out after numerous attempts to get the right photo 🙂 It was cold so they all did well and I got an image I was happy with.

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    1. We do, Jude and they are relived on a regular basis when we need to remind ourselves life was very different not that long ago. Louie is unfortunately died and Nellie is doing well considering she has diabetes.


    1. Depends on where you live in New Zealand as we have a wide range of climates. From the semi tropical region of Northland to the deep South where snow falls on a regular basis. We had 3 months with Louie and Nellie and became quite fond of them and the area.

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