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Tauranga Art Gallery

Wanting a breath of fresh air and a stroll, I quickly change into more appropriate clothing, jeans with jacket, boots and head out the door before the weather changes once again. With no planned direction whatsoever, I turn left. After a block or two, I decide to visit a favourite haunt, the local Art Gallery.… Continue reading Tauranga Art Gallery

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The Aussie Road Trip – South of Perth

With the completion of our first leg of this trip which was heading north to Exmouth, we returned to Perth, stopping at different places than the trip up.  It was time to rejuvenate the inner explorer batteries as we needed to have time to stand still and relax.  Which we did.  It only took a… Continue reading The Aussie Road Trip – South of Perth

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A Visual Storyteller #1

Some folk execute it with words, that come alive the moment you turn that first page of their book. While others share it via sound effects to make you gasp in delight as you wait for their next slice of dialogue. More than a few express it by capturing a moment in time with the… Continue reading A Visual Storyteller #1

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The Aussie Road Trip – North of Perth

After surviving our first, campervan road trip, with no body parts missing and not too many insect bites, plus driving thousands of kilometres encompassing just a small piece of Australia's Big Backyard, we were keen to explore more. Our second venture heading out into the blue yonder was to eventuate on the other side of… Continue reading The Aussie Road Trip – North of Perth

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A Snippet of Coromandel History and Mine

A fascinating slice of this region's history came nearly a century after the gold miners and decades after the bushmen who felled the kauri that once stood tall in the rainforests of the rugged Coromandel Range. It was time for the hippies to move in and the beginning of a thriving artistic community. Why would… Continue reading A Snippet of Coromandel History and Mine

Housesitting in New Zealand, Life at No.22

The Iconic Kiwi Bach

By the seashore is where we were for a month ending just last week. And we were also bachsitting. Housesitting is what we have been occupying ourselves for the last few years, and we thought why not carry it on in New Zealand.  And we did.  Well, our last assignment just happened to be very… Continue reading The Iconic Kiwi Bach

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11 Western Australian Wildflowers

Nothing says it like flowers!.  They give their all. When travelling wildflowers can soar a tired travellers enthusiasm to dig deep and move further up the road in search of more. Here are are some of those beauties we viewed and captured during our 2013 Western Australia roadtrip.  The rest of the post regarding that… Continue reading 11 Western Australian Wildflowers