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Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

We decided to enter the grand building where the Rijksmuseum is situated, on a chilly spring morning.  When entering a rush of warm air hit us, which made us pleased that we had made the right decision, as we think that museums and cold days go together!

It is rather an imposing building when first entering it.  Looking like startled possums in headlights due to the people and activities going on.  We were trying to find out where to purchase our tickets.  When the rush of individuals eventually dispersed we quickly scanned all over the foyer area until we saw where we needed to go to buy our tickets.  We did find it downstairs and in a far corner; there is a helpdesk in the middle of the vast foyer with smiling women to assist if needed, that is the last resort for us, much more fun finding things ourselves!.  Be warned in the high season, buying tickets online is advisable unless you don’t mind lining up in the queue.

We have passed the word “ENTRY/BINNENKOMST”.

 Let’s go and see what caught our eye in those enthralling rooms.

The Adoration of the Magi – Paolo Farinati [1524-1606] Leading painter of Verona, Italy                 Painted 1565
Venetian glassblowers, from the 16th century, were well known for their transparent glass, amazing isn’t it.


The first Dutch portrait paintings, maybe of a couple about to be married [photo was a gift?]
Mary Magadline
The captivating Mary Magdalene 

With 800 years represented in Rijksmuseum, I can’t possibly show you all in one blog post, hence just a few of many that we thought were intriguing.  If you want to check out the more popular, here is a list by the tourist board – I Amsterdam –                  10 Rijks Museum highlights.

One sector that the squire did enjoy the most was the area depicting the era of when Napolean ruled.  There was a painting of the war which was huge, it filled the wall from the floor to the ceiling and possibly that much again width wise.  Plus there was an old replica of an ancient ship – amazing.

The squire viewing a smaller version of the grand old ships.
The replica of a once battleship and me photo bombing!

Bringing you to the present [2016], with a photomontage – Old Apples, by Ella Reitsma.20170403_120022_001_edited

Now for the pièce de résistance,

the truly magnificent library and the building that housed Rijks Museum.

We loved this art-historical library, absolutely fantastic that people are still using it.  The books showed above span over 4 floors, measuring 1km, more are housed in underground storage, those measure 5kms!!!
The hallway in between exhibitions
Outside and back of the Museum
The gardens outside of the Museum – which had started to show a bit of spring colour.

There is so much more to view in this award-winning museum, for more information explore some of the below websites or even better go and visit this museum on your travels.                                                                    

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

15 thoughts on “Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam”

  1. I would LOVE to go here…I visited Amsterdam once but it was just an overnight stay when I was playing in a band there. I never got to see the sights, as it were!

    I would get lost in this museum for hours and be so happy. Thanks very much for the taster!

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  2. I loved the riks. It was one off my highlights of visiting Amsterdam. We went in may anf yhough a bit cemtowdrd there was still rooms that we’re pretty empty. Beautiful art there for sure. What was your favorite?

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