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After a week in Oporto, we headed down the line by train [which by the way is a pleasant journey and scenic] to the more trendy, sophisticated and more populated city of Lisbon.

Airbnb was again used to find another superb apartment.  It was modern, clean and very cosy meaning it was small.  To be fair, who spends too much time inside their holiday accommodation when you have a new city to explore, not us!

For a change, I shall use a few words and will let my photographs tell the story our week’s visit in Summer 2016.

The Old Part of Lisbon


Sun going down on Lisbon.


The Rossio Train Station


As fascinating as this historic tower is, we felt it was not worth standing in line for over an hour in 30+ degs we had other fish to fry, literally as it was lunchtime.  Now, where was that café we wanted to have lunch?

The Transport 



Action packed when driving in Lisbon.



The iconic trams.


A favourite ‘thing’ to photograph, another tram in front of this one.  We enjoyed walking more than being crammed into the trams.

The New Part


City view from the bridge


Low tide bridge view


Low tide bridge view.



If you can, 

do visit Portugal

it is well worth exploring more than once. 



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