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The Turkish Riviera – Kas

On arrival, we were hot and bothered [mostly me more than the Squire] we were looking forward to relaxing in an air-conditioned room after a day travelling.  Felt rather privileged when greeted by just not one person there was a small group of smiling faces to take our bags and check us in.  For the first time in our travelling life, we got upgraded!!

First impressions do count, and we were impressed.

The Cachet Hotel

Let’s just retake a few steps back to the actual moment we came to the hotel sign and driveway of this small boutique hotel.  The entrance down to the hotel had a 55 deg decline.  Our first words uttered cannot be shared!  As we were not sure of what path was the correct one, I walked down to check it out, down is worse than the climb up!!  This is the reason why I was hotter and more bothered on arrival.   Luckily we did not have to walk up and down it on a regular basis as we did have a car.  Though the car did protest loudly even when in 1st gear!.

Now that I have the one and only negative out of the way.  Onwards with the more positive reasons why we enjoyed our stay at the hotel.  Firstly, the staff were friendly, informative and made us feel relaxed.  The meals we had at the hotel were on average the same cost and quality as in town without the hassle of driving.  So, we enjoyed mezes and fresh fish with a glass of wine at the hotel restaurant enjoying watching the sun go down over the Mediterranean Sea, what more could a girl and her squire ask for on a sultry summer’s evening!

Lastly, the view we had from our large comfortable room. Which made it the most positive aspect of staying at this hotel, as we had booked a room without a view.  Now we want to be upgraded all the time.  Which is not going to happen as we usually stay at AirBnB’s.   Kastellorizo is the island that you can see and it’s a short boat trip from Kas township.


The view of the peninsula where the Cachet Hotel is situated and the marina, from up the hill on the way to Kas.


The town of Kas Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, or known as the Turkish Riviera.

We left the car a small distance from the centre which gave us an opportunity for a walk and to pass the amphitheatre.  Located just outside the centre of town, this impressive amphitheatre dates back to the Hellenistic period.


Then we strolled through more residential streets, up and down the small hills until we arrived at the town centre, the old part.  The quirky tiny shops crammed full of artists wares and less touristy items, I loved it.

Shopping area in Kas

Well, my lovely readers if you had not already guessed I love capturing the “quirky“, luckily I always manage to find a few subjects during our wanderings!  The green chair a perfect place for the Squire to rest while I have a browse in the shops.

Quirky Turkey

There are some quirky cafes/restaurants, situated down the narrow lanes, that ooze charm and romance for a relaxing drink or mezes. The pink and white Bougainvillaea flowers soften the stone buildings and make it picturesque.


The active waterfront has more than a few private boats to take tourists out to the islands or just a trip around the harbour.


A colourful seat to view the goings on around the waterfront. This old style house caught my attention, it’s like “I am not moving”, you can build around me!.

Build around me I am not moving


Kaputas beach is stunning.

Though small it still delivers a big punch to its users in the form of a magnificent area to swim and relax on its seashore.  The fantastic turquoise coloured sea is without a doubt due to the mountain streams of fresh water hitting the salt water of the ocean.

We could have spent weeks exploring this area as we passed coves, beaches and expanses of Mediterranean.  With hidden treasures amongst the rocky mountains which we visited the next day.

The Turkish Riviera

19 thoughts on “The Turkish Riviera – Kas”

  1. Really enjoyed this post and the photographs. I’ve been to Kastelloryzo which is a magical place, btw. Lots of Turks were coming over in kaikes for dinner, and we were very tempted to cross over ourselves but sadly, did not stay long enough. Thanks for dropping by my blog, it made me discover yours! Pleased to meet you, Marina

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    1. Thanks Marina, pleased to meet you too. We are in Dalyan until the end of August then we are heading over to Greece so it is interesting to have access to information through your blog which I am enjoying reading.


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