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Down by the river – Turkish Style

Right on cue, the alarm went off.

Last night we made our usual pact, to get out of bed as soon as the alarm went off.  Okay, let’s admit it, not all good intentions work out as planned.  Though we did manage to leave the house before 7 am.  Tequila, Arab and the Squire went for a walk, myself and the bike in the opposite direction.  Just for a change of scenery and I was on a mission to capture more of the Dalyan township, and around the river, the rest of the gang weren’t interested in walking that far.  All in all, we haven’t ventured that far while here in Dalyan, with one thing or another and mainly the heat, we have been contented to stay around home base, with short excursions to the markets, swimming walks with Tequila and of course cycling.  It has been a relaxing time recharging our batteries and organising travel plans as well as housesits for the next few months and into next year.  It is going to be a busy few months after we leave here at the end of August.

Back to the present, I love taking the time to enjoy other people’s gardens to see the small things around where we have been staying, not many manicured more practical spaces for vegetable and flowers to grow, with some having the odd sunflower that never ceases to make me smile.

Cycling around town is so much more pleasurable early in the morning, with fewer people on the road.  That includes any rogue tractors heading my way.

Through town and past the tortoise statue, which gets painted on a regular basis. At the moment it’s gold.


So many boats – with some that don’t look very well maintained and certainly would not meet most safety inspections. Though I would say, most are not being used, due to the lack of tourists and competition.  I have heard people mention that the Turkish are now holidaying here, as are Russians, more than UK visitors.  As I have mentioned health and safety previously, it does not seem to be a high priority over here compared to many other countries we have visited.


The rugged rocks and sheer cliffs give the riverboats and its occupant a dramatic vista as they meander down the river.  As I stood watching I could see goats slowly walking down the cliff face to a more shady area around the scrub.

As I cycled along, these quaint seating areas are placed alongside the riverbank.  Most are for guests staying at accommodation which is a couple of metres away.  With many of the hotels or resorts situated alongside the river.


A more upmarket restaurant to the more rustic resort seating, so many choices that I am sure that most holidaymakers appetite will be satisfied.  With the added bonus of having a view while you eat.


I’ve now gone past the tourist area and now found myself amongst the Pomegranates, which is a more relaxed area far more to my liking.  If only the fruit were ripe.  Another time perhaps!  Time to head back, as I am definitely overdue for some refreshment of the liquid variety.


50 thoughts on “Down by the river – Turkish Style”

  1. Wow, awesome weblog format! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? you make running a blog glance easy. The whole glance of your site is great, let alone the content!


    1. Jan, unfortunately no pomegranates fell into my backpack 🙂 They weren’t ripe, and I was told that the growers don’t mind you taking the odd fruit as you walk through. Which is very generous of them! I think Central California would be very much like this as the ground’s arid, rocky and very desert like.

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  2. Looks gorgeous. I was never a morning person, but marriage to an early bird quickly converted me. Thank goodness for strong coffee. Nowadays, I find myself the one rushing to get an early start. Experiences are just so much more enjoyable and tranquil without crowds. Sacrificing a little sleep is certainly worth it.

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    1. Funny, I am a morning person, and, I married an night owl, though after 30+ years doing shiftwork, he is very adaptable. Though once up, the air is cooler, less people which means we get to see the bones of the places so to speak 🙂 We adapt to where we are living and the temperature.

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  3. The lake area looks very peaceful. Has it been busy with tourists around there? I wonder whether summer might be too hot to go to certain areas in Turkey, or whether the political situation is still responsible for the decline. Looks like a nice and leisure bike ride! Having a house sit with bikes to use sounds very pleasant!

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  4. The sunflower is absolutely stunning! I wouldn’t normally associate Turkey with sunflowers (or the need for early morning starts since my only experiences with Turkey have been holidays). Thanks for broadening my horizon yet again!

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  5. These photo’s bring back a lot of memories. You should take a boat trip out one day and dry the mud baths. That restaurant looks very familiar – I’m sure Steve & I have been there. Such a shame the tourist industry is suffering – the Turks are such lovely people.

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    1. Jane, pleased to hear that you are enjoying the photos. We have been Jane 🙂 You are right the Turkish people are friendly and most are genuine. Turkey coastline is definitely worth visiting and inland historical places. People need to visit Turkey.


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