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By the Seaside – Portuguese Style

Having the opportunity to visit the ocean while staying in a dry and dusty countryside was our idea of a blissful outing.  Not saying that the landscape was unappealing, we just needed the sea air to blow away the dust from the crevices and fill our lungs with fresh air.  Everyone needs a break from their daily routines, even full-time housesitters.

The particular area we chose on a bright sunny northern Autumn day was Villa Nova de Milfontes by the Atlantic sea.

This town was charming and the coastline magnificent, to be honest, the coast was more appealing for a stroll on a warmish day than one through the towns.  After a quick look around we headed towards the sea.  Purposely we left the car outside the village as the walk looked reasonably flat which was ideal for the Squire to participate without any problems.


Down a few steps lead us onto a newish wooden platform a good view looking over at the Mira river as we walked towards the mouth.


The beaches are sheltered and spaced apart on both sides of the Mira River.  With a beautiful view of the sea. Luckily with this layout, everyone could claim their square of sand, be undisturbed with a choice of the Mira River or a bob in the Atlantic for a swim.

You know life is good when that’s the most significant decision for the day.


Then we viewed this massive statue in the middle of a carpark




Though our walk only consisted of a leisurely few kilometres, you can go on a full coastal Fishermen’s Route of the Rota Vicentina.  We got a clear picture from looking further down the coastline that the walking around there would be breathtaking in more ways than one.  Particularly those with vertigo issues.   A fun challenge to extend your comfort zone out further.

At the end of our walk, we headed into town for a cold drink before heading back to home base.  Nothing quite like a trip to the seaside to wipe those cobwebs away.


62 thoughts on “By the Seaside – Portuguese Style”

  1. Gorgeous photos, Suzanne. My husband and I visited Porto this past August and LOVED it! I’m so glad that I found your blog. It’s filled with everything that I love — travel, creativity, art, gratitude….and more travel! I’ll definitely keep following!

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