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A Room with a View – Alicante Style

Our number one purpose of being in the vicinity of the Alicante area was a gorgeous chocolate and cream coloured cat going by the name of  ‘Lottie’.  We had the pleasure to care for her for five days, while her human Mum headed off for a city break in Berlin.

As well as caring for Lottie we had the added bonus of the superb San Juan Beach to enjoy strolling along, while others took the advance of a faster mode of transport than us.


Once we stopped taking in the broad vistas of the beach and buildings we found a bench to sit on, our attention was taken up with a more concentrated view of people watching, and the wide-ranging of clothing attire or the lack of it in some cases!.


Here I was wearing two layers of clothing, jeans and a scarf, with nude bathers [no photos you will just have to use your imagination] not far along the beach.  Was I overdressed?  Or were they underdressed? Well, from my perspective, I thought I was not overdressed, nor was I in any hurry to change this decision as it felt a wee bit too nippy to undress or swim for that matter.  The temperature was around 19deg!  Maybe the said bathers were from Norway?


Before we felt the urge to fall asleep on the seaside bench underneath the palm trees.  We uplifted ourselves from our posy to keep on walking down the promenade to a somewhat favourite local restaurant serving up a variety of tapas, which we kindly took up their challenge of indulging in a few with a beer or two.  After feeling more than contented and full.

We headed on back to see how Lottie’s morning had been, with the sun at the back of us and a backward view from our beginning journey.


One delightful activity we participated in with Lottie from the position of the balcony was watching the sunrise over San Juan beach.  Everyone one of us has a special place we affectionately say is our piece of paradise even for a cat called Lottie.

A Room with a View - Alicante Style


71 thoughts on “A Room with a View – Alicante Style”

  1. After cold days in both London and Amsterdam, this post makes me yearn for sun and beaches, and I’m not particularly a beach person. Granted, they are deceptive given the temperature you mentioned. Lottie is quite adorable. It’s almost a certainty I would have wasted much of the day away hanging out with her. 😊

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          1. Wow, you guys are really booked up!

            I wish I could do the same with housesitting, but I need to do time in Italy to gain my citizenship so can’t leave. As we’ve rented an apartment, it becomes expensive leaving to travel now, although we have been to Sicily and Venice this year. All a balance.

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  2. Beautiful location, Suz. I”d be wearing a few clothes as well, especially near the water where there’s often a breeze. We are often surprised at other’ people’s attire when the sun shines. Mark and my bodies love warm weather, and that means around 25 degrees at least. 🙂 I remember Alicante from when my paternal grandparents spent their winters there, when I was in my early twenties. Love the view from the balcony and the fact you could just go for a stroll on the beach right outside your door.

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  3. I follow someone in Copenhagen who swims (naked) in the sea all year round. My teeth chatter at the thought of it.

    That beach is gorgeous and so is the cat. The beach huts made me laugh. They’re exactly what you see on English beaches.

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      1. I don’t know. I think they developed from the wheeled huts in which Georgian visitors to beaches changed before they went for a swim. I don’t know if other countries had a cult of the seaside at the same time.

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  4. What a little beauty she is! And what a beautiful place that is. I spent the weekend in Barcelona with my daughter and it’s fair to say that it lassoed my heart more than a little. I do like Spain and the Spanish very much indeed and your piece has me doing a little light beach dreaming (though not harboring thoughts of nude swimming I hasten) of my own 🏖

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      1. I almost moved to Malaga when my daughters were small and I was newly divorced. I still wonder if I did the right thing by staying in Britain – they were aged 10, 7, 5 and 2 and I knew I would pick up work if I was unfussy. Hey ho – somethings are left undiscovered but I love discovering things through your blog!!

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        1. I have this philosophy don’t look back and wonder IF? we had done something different. If we had we wouldn’t be doing what we are doing now. Hopefully that makes sense. I’m sure your kids didn’t mind as long as you were there 🙂 I enjoy our interaction and your blog!!

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