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Woody and Co.

We have just completed our second housesit in Spain.  No beach in sight as our second one was situated in a small rural community 1/2 hour from Comares, and 7kms from Riogordo.

20171201_082213_edited optimised



Our four-legged companions comprised of three dogs Woody, Dexter and Bella, in addition, the quiet presence of two felines, Bob and Co.  Of course not forgetting the two donkey siblings, Carlos, Lily and 20 unnamed chickens.

Stepping back to a few days ago, to our arrival, and the welcome from Woody’s human parents.  The next couple of days we started to relax and were spoilt with home cooked meals and a look around the immediate vicinity of our temporary home base.

As mentioned in a previous post it has only been days not weeks, to be more precise it was the 11 November, since we arrived back in Europe.  It’s been full on and so a few days of doing nothing much more than walking and getting up to date with computer stuff [such as blogging, organising housesits and a general catch up].

Getting back to what this post is really about, Woody and Co.  Without further ado I will introduce you to the main characters:


20171125_155954_edited_edited optimised

Above in regal pose is Bob the cat and Bella.


20171123_114003_edited_edited optimised

Donkeys and siblings, Carlos and Lily.


20171125_115442_edited (1)_edited optimised

Here is the star of this post, Woody.

N.B. There is now some sad news attached to this post, as Woody died while we were there, he had previously had health issues, and his condition worsed very quickly.  Unfortunately, the diagnosis of a tumour on his liver was terminal, and he passed away peacefully.  In the short time we had with him, Woody had left an indelible impression on us.  He was a gentle natured dog and had a calming effect on his younger siblings.

He will be sorely missed by his family and anyone who met him.  R.I.P. Woody

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