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The Downside of Travelling Long-Term.

I have heard about it. 

I have read about it.

I have been waiting for it.

Finally, it has hit us!

We have got tired.  Really tired.  Tired of moving. 


That time in the life of most full-time travellers. If they were honest with themselves.  Mind you this isn’t the end of doing housesitting and fulltime travel.  It is a stage that we have not yet experienced before, and it needs to be dealt with sooner than later.

We have got to the point that everything is “just another” place, another church, another historic site.  The thought of heading down the road to do another 800km roadtrip, a planned visit to another town, becomes “just another”.

Lake district

That “just another” feeling started to hit us when we arrived in Istanbul, a very busy and in your face sort of city, freezing temperatures and a shortened time to explore due to a stomach virus which of course is another “common” occurrence during travel.

Don’t get me wrong we were glad that we had the opportunity to visit Istanbul plus another experience of Turkey.  It just wasn’t the way we had planned.  We expected more of ourselves.  Which of course is life, isn’t it!

This is not about grumbling about things, it’s my acknowledgement to you all that long-term travel even executed reasonably slowly is not all a bed of roses.

Then came the final nail in that balloon of enthusiasm.

20170909_105836_edited_edited optimised

A planned trip in between two housesits for the same people, over here in Turkey.  We had 6 days.  The Grand plan was to head over to Galloppi, and the thought suddenly became very unappealing.  To be honest, I was disappointed with our lack of energy and enthusiasm.  Then with more research, we found that many of the monuments had been defaced, with another report stating that they were being restored.  It was another reason not to go.  Then the thought of two days of travel to spend less than 1 day at the destination.  Buggar that we thought!!

It’s more productive to find a solution.  It is my way of dealing with that BLAH feeling

It was time for acceptance of these feelings as it is usually a combination of events and reasons to have negative thoughts with a way of life that is generally enjoyable and will be enjoyable again.  It’s a short-term thing.  We just need more time to be still.  Which we have at the moment.

Time to have time to do nothing, to do the mundane.  Appreciate the simple things in life.  Ignoring those annoying thoughts, “you must go and do SOMETHING”, that come uninvited upon waking up in a different environment.

Okay time for action, in a slow way of course.

Activity relating to doing what we want to do not what is expected of us.  It will be longer walks along the beach together. Doing the “circuit” around the countryside walking Tequila, the dog to her favourite watering hole.  For me, it is writing up our travel stories and reading blogs from bloggers I love connecting with, who give me inspiration on a daily basis.  Who makes me smile and think. For the Squire, he has his own way of having time out, learning new “stuff”, which is mostly working with numbers than words.  Of course, it is time just to be in the comfort of each other’s company.  Thinking of what we have enjoyed during our time travelling together.  To looking forward to sharing an adventure on the canals in the Netherlands during late summer with friends from New Zealand.

The connecting of people we know and making new friends along the way is very much an essential and enjoyed aspect of our lives.  Especially connecting with family and friends back home, we do indeed miss them.

You do need to be a particular type of person to enjoy long-term travel.


We are that type of people, as we are independent, flexible, we are able to deal with constant change and are able to spend time alone and also, enjoy each other’s company.  Having a goal is so important.  We do have one.  It’s to see and experience more of this diverse world we live in, to meet people and care for their animals, to housesit.

One day in the future there will come a time, where constant change and flexibility that goes with long-term travel will no longer hold the magic that it once did.  Travel will always be a part of our lives, though not to the extent it is now.

Until that time and that decision arrive, we will take time out when needed and continue on our journey as contented housesitters and travellers.  As the positives still outweigh the negatives. Who now and again just need to slow down and do nothing at all.  At the moment, it means to merely smell more of those blossoms from citrus trees that are currently in full bloom.

It’s Springtime.

A time for new growth and to learn from old.

To look ahead to all the new things we have yet to experience.

Of course, after this interlude of downtime and smelling the flowers so too speak!



132 thoughts on “The Downside of Travelling Long-Term.”

  1. This is such an insightful post. I have been travelling as much as possible for the last five years and although I am yet to reach the point where I want to ‘settle’, I am sure it will come one day. I totally agree with you that it is important to take time to gather yourself and chill out though, no-one can go 100mph all the time! 🙂

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  2. This is such an honest reflection on the problems of continuous travel. I am the opposite sort of person, travelling to one place for a reason then scuttling back home! What makes your blog so rewarding to me is that you do have a purpose, and yours is not a life unexamined. All your adventures are a bonus! I hope you will carry on being kind to yourselves.

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  3. I hear you. Moving around all the time is hard work! That’s one of the reasons why we like housesitting so much. Then we do all the ‘normal’ things, like grocery shopping, cooking, lounging on the couch. As they say – change is as good as a rest.

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  4. I love your honesty in this post, expressing what most long-term travellers experience but are too afraid to admit. Just take the time you need to fall back in love with it, and appreciate the smaller aspects 🙂 Can’t wait to see where you head next! 🙂

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  5. I’m glad you’re ok. I understand how small things can add up to feeling like it’s all too hard. We’ve had moments of that in our journey on the farm but, given a little time to hunker down or spoil ourselves, they’ve passed. And look, we’re still here. 🙂

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  6. I have wondered a few times after reading your amazing posts, Whether sometimes you do get tired of it. I totally understand you. Even though you love to do something, & I think it relates to most things in life, you still need to step back from it sometimes just to recharge & keep a check on whether you’re still enjoying & appreciating your chosen paths. It’s great that you do still love your travels 😊

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  7. Thanks Wendy, absolutely doing just that now. The post was a way to express a different side to travel. Makes it all seem real than fantasy 🙂 We are okay and definitely still heading in the right direction. Thanks Wendy for the encouragement and thoughts xx

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  8. Oh dear, have you hit the wall? You might just need to be a little kinder to yourselves. Just because you can go out and see everything or do everything doesn’t mean you should, does it? We put so much pressure on ourselves sometimes with what we ‘should’ do then we feel guilty when we fall short or we wear ourselves out getting there. So you’re going to sit and look out the window for a few days. The world won’t end. Give yourselves permission to wallow a bit. When you’re ready, those places will still be there.
    I admire your endurance, its more than I could do. Take care. xx

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  9. Sometimes we do simply have to take a break. I haven’t done full-time traveling, but I have lived abroad for a year or two at a time, and that got tiresome, especially as I didn’t love the job that was the reason for my being there. Finding a new way to live our lives is sometimes called for. We can renew and experience a new period of self-discovery. 🙂 ~ Cathy

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  10. Hubs and I are just now investigating Class B travel vans so that we can start exploring more of this country. We will keep our home, and so that we will always be able to come home to recharge. Thanks for pointing out how important that is, and I’m really glad you recognize your own need to decompress…I enjoy following your adventures, and they inspire me! ~ Lynn

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  11. Sometimes you just need to re-energize and take a bit of time out. I really enjoy coming along with you on your travels, but can imagine that occasionally it gets a little much. Enjoy your rest and quality time together. 🙂

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