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A Return to the COTSWOLDS

It always feels like we have returned to our home away from home when we place our feet firmly back onto “Dear Old Blighty” ground. Even more so when we arrived at a repeat housesit in the Cotswolds. Do you remember the lovable character Barty and his sidekick feline family? No? Then here you go, Neighbourhood Walks – Througham

Some places as in Devon, the Cotswolds and a few others just have that effect on us, that sense of belonging and feeling comfortable with our surroundings. Not too complacent that it doesn’t challenge us to explore more of the areas.

One stay is never enough, so we have found out.

Firstly, let’s go back to our departure from Turkey, a tale that deserves a word or two. As we were heading through immigration, the young woman who we had the misfortune to chose asked us for our visa. No, we do not require a visa as we are New Zealanders. She became more persistent, “You can’t be here without one”. Thinking to myself as you do with officials, “Well we are, here and gone twice to be precise”. It was time for her superior to be called, and he arrived rather quickly and took possession of our passports. Funnily enough, he came back with said passports and said ” All okay”, with a big smile on his face. Of course, I smiled back and bite my tongue!

Sometimes patience is a virtue and one I do not possess when it comes to the uninformed.

The flight was uneventful which is always a good thing when you are thousands of feet up in the sky from terra firma in a pressurised aluminium container. The next part was our transition from said container to the hotel. We were impressed with Gatwick airport and found it easy to navigate. It was also an enjoyable experience. This was especially appreciated as we had arrived at approx 1 am. Paying a bit more for accommodation is worth it to have the convenience of staying on the airport grounds.


Next day we picked up our rental car from Europcar, and off we headed towards the Cotswolds. Europcar, by the way, is the only car rental company we have dealt with over the last few years. We have found the quality of cars, the cost and how easy they are to deal with the reasons for our repeat usage.

This time Barty went off with his family. He was on a big adventure to a small part of Wales, with lots to explore. We, on the other hand, had a lovely warm house with the fire lit and a feline called Possum to keep us company as we adjusted to being back in “Dear Old Blighty”.

A Return to the Cotswolds_edited

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