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Housesitting in Marlborough, UK

Our last housesit was in the picturesque Wiltshire countryside not far from Marlborough. It really isn’t far at all from the Cotswolds, as the crow flies. Which makes the transition between housesits much more relaxing and less time-consuming.

Double doesn’t always mean trouble.

Which of course, Bess and Molly are far from being trouble. More akin to being a double act of keeping each other company and enjoying a quiet life. They are incredibly tolerant of each other as you can see by how they sleep together. With a significant tendency to enjoy more than one snooze a day. They are affectionate dogs with each other and humans alike.


Never too far from us whenever we are in sight. With Molly needing more reassurance that all is well within her world. Which, of course, it is.

Bess is the larger of the two, being a mix of Labrador and Retriever. Then there is her constant companion Molly, the Welsh terrier who makes up for her statue with her stamina to keep up with Bess, her more sizable and loyal best friend.

On occasions, Molly’s quiet laidback demeanour transforms into a feisty attitude, with a “do not mess with me”. Bess will also add her thoughts to the noisy exchange as you do when your close confidant needs support in making her feelings known. Of course, this is done from a distance when those pesky deer who dare to wander around their backyard.

How presumptuous of those deer! I might add here that they are hard to capture with a camera when in full flight and when hiding behind trees!

Then when it comes to our walks, all is so peaceful as we quietly amble along the paths. UNTIL, a certain four-legged species on a leash, appears within sight. Well, what another transformation more vocal than when the deer arrive in their backyard. The fracas soon wanes as quickly as it came and we depart company from the said interlopers of our peaceful walk. With all resuming their own sense of equilibrium as we carry on for them to sniff and view the previous dog’s DNA [newspaper]. For us humans it is of no interest, for dogs, it is a different matter.

Where do we walk?


Mainly around the paddocks and one which is rather large approximately 100 acres. At the beginning of the week, we could zigzag across the paddock. With the beautiful fine weather, it has now been ploughed and out of bounds for us all. We are restricted to the boundaries, which are a privilege I must admit. Back in NZ, most farmers I know would not appreciate walkers and especially those with dogs.

There are variations in our walks, as some have us passing quaint thatched homes with questionable names such as “Whichway Cottage” and “The Bungalow”. It would seem most homes in the U.K. are named, which is fun working out how they got such an original or if the case may be an unoriginal name.

Walking with Bess and Molly, our daily walks are not long, just enough time out to add a fresh perspective to their day and get that daily constitutional out of the way.

Until next time X

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48 thoughts on “Housesitting in Marlborough, UK”

  1. I LOVE them both. Bess and Molly look like the best of friends in all of your photos. Aren’t animals special? I always find myself wishing I could figure out what they are thinking. I love the constant, loyal friendship that dogs provide. A beautiful post, Suzanne!

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    1. Animals are special. Though I think too many people try to humanise them. They do have basic needs, of attention/love, shelter and food. Then there are the complex actions that they do such as protect and show affection to a carer like they can sense their pain. Yes, wouldn’t it be interesting to know what they think!!. Or would we? πŸ™‚

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  2. How very English…. walking dogs around the countryside lol. How are you finding this damnable weather? Two days of unseasonal sunshine and poof, rain. Makes us special yes lol.

    Great pictures of the dogs…although that basket looked a bit short of luxury… one overhanging and the other scrunched up at the back πŸ˜‚

    How long are you here for?

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    1. Believe it or not, they choose to sleep together in that one bed. On occasions they chose more luxury by sleeping alone. I have a post coming about the weather πŸ™‚ Oh aren’t we so English πŸ™‚ We have finished there and back in the Cotswolds for a few days then to another one a couple of hours away.

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      1. Actually I figured that, but it still looks unwieldy lol. Hmm, a post about our weather. I shall look out for that one! I suspect humour might be a good tack. We used to have adages… Mad March winds and April showers. Now we get all types in the same month abd sometimes in the same day!

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    1. Fiona, we have just finished at Bess and Molly’s house and are in the Cotswolds for a few days. With the exception of one in North Yorkshire all our housesits for the next 5 months are close to each other. We loved caring for Bess and Molly.


  3. Sounds delightful Suz, we’ll be on dog walking duty in a week or so just for something different. Hope you’re enjoying the surroundings, I can’t wait to get into that quintessential England countryside 🐾

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