Life at No.22

Postcards from Devon

Something New, Something Old, and, a little of something in between.

As we head from North to South, we are taking another different route back down the line. This time it will include a sharp right turn into a part of the United Kingdom we have yet to explore in-depth.

That happens to be our something new, it’s a place called Wales.

After our time in Wales, we head out of that peninsula to another just further down the line. With a spot of old with a revisiting in Devon and catching up with a few lovely people. As I previously mentioned, Devon does hold many fond memories and a special place in our hearts, especially for the Squire.

Not forgetting, if I was honest, our stomachs should be included in that lineup. Well, it is the home of clotted cream with more than one or two cafes happy to supply us with a dose of high cholesterol yumminess. That said with a slightly higher amount of guilt, I will include quite a few walks in that week by the looks of what we may indulge in during a few afternoon teas.

We feel so inspired from visiting the oldest [100yrs old in 2020] Devonshire clan and are so looking forward to laughing at their many amusing stories of life in Devon. With their equally entertaining niece having us in laughter with her many anecdotes of Devonshire life.

So with all that activity, I am going to have a small break from blogging, just a week or two to revitalise my repertoire of stories to be told of our side trip sharp right from one housesit up North to another starting down South in June.

In the meantime, enjoy something in between with a few postcards from places we have visited. Catch up with you via Instagram.

13 thoughts on “Postcards from Devon”

  1. I love Devon and Cornwall Suzanne but alas have never been able to stay too long. I loved the photos of your postscards and as I read this at morning tea I have the sudden urge for a Devonshire Tea!

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      1. It sure is and Debbie from Debs-World was just in Cornwall. Stunning photo opportunities in Devon and Cornwell and Wales is beautiful as well. It has been many, many years since I was there so I need to revisit


    1. Thanks Sam and we will 🙂 Oh, we had the most delicious lavender and Earl Grey [not just favoured they used the real stuff!] cake! So divine!!

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