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The Aussie Road Trip – South of Perth

With the completion of our first leg of this trip which was heading north to Exmouth, we returned to Perth, stopping at different places than the trip up.  It was time to rejuvenate the inner explorer batteries as we needed to have time to stand still and relax.  Which we did.  It only took a few days to rest, and we were then itching to explore down the South West coast.

The Highlights of the second leg

In no particular order and to be honest, all the places we stopped to explore were highlights.  This leg of our trip it was difficult to choose between them.  We were seriously impressed with the Southern area of Western Australia.

Southwest Coast and back to Perth via Kalgoorlie

This doesn’t have all our stops, I wasn’t able to include them all.

It wasn’t just the extraordinary that captured our imaginations like Lake Ballard and Esperance, it was how the ordinary things like how adaptive plants, animals and the people who call these remote areas of Australia their home.

Karri Walk - Les

Margaret River is not only about wine, olives and world-class food, all of which we tried and devoured.  We were spoilt for choice when it came to walking off all that lovely grub.

Elephant Rocks, Western Australia

Elephant Rocks

Treetops - Les

“Enough photographs for one day”, mutters the Squire.  Just one more, I reply!  This gem was captured at the Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk.  For a person who does not “do” heights, and, literally avoids them, this high walkway was surprisingly enjoyable.

Our walk took us gently upwards amidst the tingle foliage providing expansive views over the wilderness with sightings of birds and flowers that most people never see while walking along the undergrowth.  Well worth the effort to remove me from my comfort zone.


Coastline and Me

It was all about the coast on this leg of our road trip.  Spectacular.

Coast road near Esperance Western Australia

Heading down to Esperance and the beginning of more remote beaches that left us speechless.

The whitest beach in Australia?

That award goes to Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park on Western Australia’s south coast.  What an incredible sight, we could have stayed here and not moved at all.

Cape Le Grand_2

Lucky Beach, Western Australia

Inland we head towards Kalgoorlie and the magnificent Lake Ballard.

Lake Ballard

Lake Ballard is what you would class as a surreal landscape where the metal statuettes of 51 residents of an outback town inhabit ten square kilometres of a shimmering salt lake, enticing both the eye and the feet.  Some who have been classed it as a spiritual experience.  Not sure we had that enlightenment though it was out on it’s own and we were impressed not only with Lake Ballard for all of this region is impressive for those that are not easy impressionable.

In a week or so we will be hopping over that ditch once more to begin our third road trip, this time in Tropical Northern Queensland.

The Aussie Road Trip - South of Perth


35 thoughts on “The Aussie Road Trip – South of Perth”

    1. Sam, it is a gorgeous area you just have to get used to driving long hours to see it all. Good thing we have always loved road trips. Though now it is a little bit different and will take it much slower on our next one.

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  1. What amazing (and surreal) scenery, Suzanne. I have never been to that corner of Australia, but do remember the white beaches and gorgeous water along the west coast of the country, in Perth and further north. I ache to go back with Mark one day and spend many months touring around. I’m glad to see you both traveling again! And, the photo of the kangaroos on the beach made me smile!

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    1. An easier bit of travel to have some warmth and a different view 😊 Liesbet, I hope the opportunity eventually happens that you two get to travel downunder sooner than later

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    1. It is truly a beautiful area and it has certainly left an impression on us as we remember the trip like it happened last week. As does most of our trips for one reason or another.

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  2. That photo with the kangaroos is magic, what a beach! And Lake Ballard looks pretty amazing too. I’m sorry now that we didn’t make time to explore further east, but agree with you that the area south of Perth is really lovely.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The metal sculptures were special to experience and the kangaroos were quite at home on the beach. With our climate changing so much due to deforestation we will be seeing more “wild” native animals in the open.


  3. I did that trip a few years ago in my brother in laws diesel Nissan Patrol and will never forget filling it with petrol in Albany and having to spend an extra day in town to get it sorted and then trying to play catch up for the rest of the trip.

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