Visual Storyteller Series

#2 – Simple Pleasures

Hi everyone,

Here’s a wee post until I gather together my thoughts and photographs about our trip.  Look forward to catching up with you all and your blogs in the next few days.

Until then.

Some folk execute it with words, that come alive the moment you turn that first page of their book.

line of dots

While others share it via sound effects to make you gasp in delight as you wait for their next slice of dialogue.

line of dots

More than a few express it by capturing a moment in time with the click of a shutter.

They are a visual storyteller.

line of dots

Simple Pleasures for Sophisticated People.

Holiday Accommodation.jpg

Colourful caravan on the roadside_


21 thoughts on “#2 – Simple Pleasures”

  1. Alright, I’m a fan of your visual storytelling. Those travel trailers (called “caravans” in Dutch) remind me of the ones I saw on the roads and parked at the beach (or in people’s garden) when I was a child. Amazing that some of them are still around! Maybe they all got shipped down under? 🙂

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    1. Just head to their website to know more. Maybe I should do a write up about the positives and negatives (especially when we unintentionally drove on a gravel rutted road).


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