Moments to be Grateful Forever

We are more likely to remember the momentum moments in our lives.  What about those tiny treasures?  There is something to be said about those moments throughout our day that make us smile.

Or the moment you think “I’ve got this”.

There is much research out on the web about how being grateful is good for our soul and just being downright positive.  Below are a few fun moments that I am thankful for as it can be the ordinary things that make our lives extraordinary.

Les and snowball

The moment when you can’t control your laughter. Not always at the most appropriate time, but your brain has other plans.

Cutting into a perfectly ripe avocado.

A whiff of your favourite scent.  Lemongrass or lavender?.

Butterfly on flower.jpg

Receiving a handwritten card via snail mail.

That moment when an old song gets played on the car stereo and up goes the volume.


Rainbow - Arthurs Pass_edited
West Coast, South Island, NZ

That beach walk where time is forgotten.

20171231_175130_edited_edited optimised
Christmas Eve in Spain with Fudge the dog
Villa Nova de Milfontes, Portugal

Being in the moment with nature.

Tequila – in Coastal, Turkey

The first glimpses of a new season.

Spring Blossoms 2_edited.jpg
UK Countryside Spring

Sunny Days.

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Sunflower sunset.jpg
The beautiful French countryside

Those little moments of awe with your significant other.

Les and the sunset_edited
Cairns on a still-warm night

A message or call from someone just to say “hello”.

Organising travel plans with friends or family.

Flowers. They’re aesthetically pleasing. What’s not to like?

orange roses

Having a considerable bank of travel memories.  With just enough room to deposit more.

Being understood.  That moment when someone just gets you.  It’s just amazing when it happens.

Then there is the ultimate lightbulb moment when the planets align, the sun rises, and knowing you can deal with whatever life throws at you.

Catlins sunrise_edited
Sunrise in the Catlin’s, South Island

70 thoughts on “Moments to be Grateful Forever”

  1. Grateful does not get old for me. I especially like how you say that it is the ordinary things that make our lives extraordinary. Beautiful words. This is an exceptionally beautiful post with stunning photos. I am grateful for you, Suzanne.🙂

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  2. I’m grateful that I clicked on your post. These photos are truly stunning. It’s so important to appreciate the ordinary extraordinary moments in life. #MLSTL

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  3. What a lovely salute to gratitude here!

    I too am finding I need to be (and am) more grateful so I began my 2020 with a daily instagram post called A Year of Gratitude #366daysofgratitude.

    Some days are harder to find gratitude within so I too go outside and find that a plant which flowered in the awful heat we have had in Australia made my day…so grateful for a burst of yellow.

    Denyse #mlstl

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    1. That will be a satisfying challenge for 2020. It really is the small things we do remember that I suppose all melt into being a biggie. Love the idea of finding a yellow flower. It has been a hard time for you all over there in Australia. NZ in a much smaller way is being affected by hot and dry conditions. More so for farmers in parts of the country


  4. Beautiful photos and reminders that the simple things can sometimes bring us the most fulfilling memories. I found it relaxing to just slowing scroll down through your memories and they prompted some memorable moments in my life as well. Thanks. #MLSTL

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  5. These were beautiful Suzanne and I loved how your interspersed them with all your gorgeous photos. We have so much to be grateful for – and a lot of your list costs nothing (or next to nothing) so we really have no excuse not to find joy in our lives. And I’ll take lemongrass please.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

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  6. This is perfect. And the photos are great too. Thanks for brightening my Wednesday morning. For me it’s both lavender and lemongrass…and the green of a new season, the purple of jacaranda, the “blue” of bluebell, the red of poinciana, that weird fabulous light when the sky is dark grey but the light is coming through just after a storm…I could go on…

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