Do you Donate to Charity Shops?

Monday morning on a usual week meant heading out the door to work.

Not today.

As with much regret, I have resigned for a short period from being a volunteer at the Waipuna Hospice Mount Maunganui Shop. My priority now is keeping the Squire and elderly parents as healthy as possible. Including myself.

Volunteering has been fun. The retail work supports a much-appreciated service in our community. I do hope to go back to it as soon as possible.

If your local charity shops are still operating and receiving goods, PLEASE DO NOT take clothing or other items that have not been washed or cleaned.

During my last shift, we were inundated with so many pieces of clothing and household items in a terrible condition.

Be kind, and be more thoughtful as we push through this unprecedented time.

Kia Kaha everyone.

Suzanne X

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27 thoughts on “Do you Donate to Charity Shops?”

  1. Ours are still open, but most have suspended donations and deliveries – largely because many of the volunteers are older and are delivering to older and more vulnerable people.. I suspect the next step for us will be complete lockdown – at present its restaurants, bars, churches, clubs, cinemas etc.

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    1. I am sure you wouldn’t Anabel. You wouldn’t believe the amount of folk that say it’s in good condition then when we remove the top layer we find it is far from okay. Sometimes it is hard to work out human nature.

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  2. Most charity shops in UK staffed by volunteers have closed, including the one I worked in although only after the team leader’s hand was forced by Head Office. Despite their advancing years, I was astounded when, and despite Government requests to avoid unnecessary social contact, the volunteers themselves seemed prepared to continue. I made sure my elderly Mum stopped immediately and me with her. Handling money and donated goods as well as mingling with the general public, aren’t what seventy and eighty year olds should have been doing last week. Sadly their desire to continue was as much to do with moral pressure, a desire to socialise and naivety as altruism.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. All the ones here are closed now. Unless it is a vital service all business’s are closed for a month or more. As from midnight on Wednesday New Zealand is in lockdown.


  3. Just before all of this started, I washed a skirt that is now too big for me so that I could take it to the charity shop the next time I went past. That’s not going to happen for a while, so I’ll probably have to wash it again.

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  4. I always try to donate clean, quality goods. I hope I know what goes in the rag pile and what in the trash.

    I don’t know if our thrift stores are still open. Many shops still are, but bars are closed and restaurants only offering carry-out.

    Stay well. Bless you for all your volunteer work and care-giving.

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  5. I have been thinking about you, Suzanne. I hope that you and your family stay safe. Will this interrupt the Squire’s treatment?

    I have asked my son to resign from his job. He serves customers in a bakery. The retail part is very cramped. He has two shifts to go. I feel selfish, but our health is everyone’s health. The less we can stay out of harm’s way, the better for all, including frontline health workers.

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    1. Thanks for your kind thoughts Tracey. Yes, treatment is ticking along. I think we all have to do what feels right and what we are comfortable in doing. Recommended for over 70’s and people with compromised immune systems and other serious illnesses are to stay home and isolate. That is what Les is doing. I only go out for exercise and errands such as to top up the food supply 🙂

      There is huge financial stress on many people let alone their health. Patience and taking one day at a time seems to be the way to go. Take care.

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      1. Take care, Suzanne. Hopefully the steps taken by your PM will avoid an absolute catastrophe. The financial stress is bound to create huge problems,, eg. crime, domestic violence, suicide. It is terrible. I hope that the supports for people will enable them to shelter financially and health wise until this virus is contained.

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        1. Keeping positive and I’m hoping violence doesn’t escalate that somehow something as simple as staying in touch, being kind and ludicrous amounts of hand washing will hopefully keep it all at bay.

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  6. I used to volunteer once a week in a charity shop in Oxfordshire. I loved it. I have to say, at the time, I don’t think any of us thought twice about the condition of the clothes – if they were washed, they went out, if they were good but hadn’t been washed, someone would take them home and do the honours and if they were beyond redemption they went into the rag sack to go to the rag and bone man who stopped by once a week on a Tuesday morning. How times change. Your decision is a good one. For now, we have to protect ourselves and those in our care. You highlight something I would never have given a thought to.

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    1. Thanks Osyth. The main issue is the ability to resell the household item or clothing. As there is an influx of cheap clothing many choose to buy new than an item of clothing that is worn out. People are looking for quality at a good price even in a charity store. There are many levels of charity stores. As the demand for hospice increases so does the need to generate more income. Hence, the requirement to get as much income via the retail sector plus other charity events. Not an easy task.
      Most clothing that is unsaleable is given to another organisation and doesn’t automatically need to the landfill.

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  7. It’s best to be safe Suzanne and health comes first. It can be lots of fun volunteering in a charity shop (I was a Saturday-morning volunteer in our local Unicef shop) and hopefully you will be able to return when all this has passed. Wishing you and your family safe and well 💜 xxx

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  8. I have been volunteering in the RSPCA op shop for about 5 years now and really love it. Yes, we see things donated that should have gone in the trash which is selfish, inconsiderate and unfair. I plan to work again tomorrow but we will see what is around the corner. I have semi retired from my other op shop as they have plenty of staff so I am not needed as much. We all need to look after ourselves and our loved ones and make the decisions accordingly. Stay safe and strong Suzanne. Lyn

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