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April Squares: A Ronda View on Top

I’m wandering back to 2018.  To a time when we were fulltime housesitters and exploring incredible towns, villages and cities around Europe and the UK.

One of our most loved countries for exploring and housesitting was Spain, with it’s incredible towns, culture and hospitable folk.  Today I am highlighting our visit to Ronda that literally took our breath away.

To read more about this fascinating town and our experience click on the below link.

A Ronda View

Les and Fudge the dog take 2

Are you up to the challenge?  Can you think of something “on top”?

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40 thoughts on “April Squares: A Ronda View on Top”

  1. Ummm just wow. Other than that I’m speechless (which doesn’t happen often)…I’ve never heard of this place and never been to Spain, to thanks for taking me there, virtually speaking…

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  2. I loved this visit then and I love it now! Ronda is an extraordinary place but your post taught me so much about it that I didn’t know and made me redouble my desire to return. One day. Thank you Suzanne – on a cold, wet, grey day this was just the tonic I needed!

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      1. You can brag all you like – I’m glad it’s sunny for you. Though yes, we all need rain from time to time. Here the climate veers about alarmingly at this time of the year. The dogs start to moult and are then burying themselves under blankets as temps dive back down below freezing. By the end of the month it should start to even out somewhat into a climb from pleasantly warm to downright boiling and then we do the whole thing in reverse in Autumn. I don’t think I will ever get used to it. That and ice storms. I ask you!!!

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        1. Areas of Canada can certainly go from one extreme to another. We were fascinated with snow when in France, a novelty for us here in the North Island of NZ. Though having said that drive a few hours south of Tauranga in the winter and there are very popular snowfields. Hopefully more warmish weather for you and the dogs soon. You must be missing France!

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          1. I love snow. This winter we haven’t had a hatful here and in truth I prefer it in France …. when it snows here it can tend to dump rather fervently! I do miss France. Terribly. But the fact is that life twists and turns for us all and in the great scheme of things I have little to complain about. Find the value in the way things are. And I am making a sterling effort to do that and it is paying dividends.

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            1. It does sound like you are taking all the positive of being in Canada in your stride. I believe it is who we are with that makes the difference in life. Those days of aimlessly travelling the world are gone for quite a while I would imagine. I am really content with all the opportunities we have had and we love being home, literally more so these days!

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            2. That makes me happy …. that you are enjoying home so much. To everything it’s time, I do believe. By the way – I’m not quite Canada – I’m in Massachusetts about 200 miles to the Canadian border 😊

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  3. We loved southern Spain’s white villages but unfortunately didn’t visit Rhonda. Your photos are spectacular and looking back at your original post I can’t believe that the weather is so beautiful in January. Thanks for taking me to sunny Spain.

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    1. You are welcome Caroline and aren’t those white villages gorgeous. The temperature was cold to most Spaniards, we found it a lovely time to explore. It wasn’t until we ventured inland that we found the freezing weather, as in snow!


          1. I have walked three caminos in Spain and Portugal. The Frances from St Pied de Port in France which took me through Pamplona, Burgos and Leon to Santiago de Compostela. The Via de la Plata from Seville through Merida, Salamanca and then turning left and heading through Ourense, And the Portuguese from Lisbon which popped me out at Tui and up through Padron. All ending in SdC. So much to see and enjoy in Spain. Have a happy day, Mel

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            1. I love it and that would be something I would say. On second thoughts I would’ve more likely have distracted fellow students and being kicked out of class.

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