Follow that LINE if you Dare


The cobweb looks like the work of an eccentric architect seemingly with no idea what they’re doing.  Finishing with a perfectly imperfect natural design.  Which will be utilised by just one living creature.  The spider.  Sitting and waiting patiently, for it’s next victim and meal to visit.

It would seem that patience really is a virtue in achieving one’s goals.

The spider does it so well.


There was a fly, who sat on that flower, now devoured by that patient spider.

Lines - web_edited

Judes Photography Challenge.

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April is all about lines.


23 thoughts on “Follow that LINE if you Dare”

  1. Spider webs are so intricate and beautiful when hung with dew drops. I am glad the spider was missing, though I have been known to photograph them as well. And like the spider, the photographer often has to practice patience.

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    1. You’re right, Jude, it does require patience. Patience is not something I have mastered, always room for improvement! I am culling hundreds of photos that for some reason, I have kept and keeping a few select ones.
      Must admit to not having taken many spider photographs. A few Australian ones.

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