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Spring Tulips in Morges, Switzerland


The city of Morges is situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, facing Mont Blanc. Morges seems to thrive to the rhythm of flowers throughout the year. Firstly, there is the Tulip Festival in Spring, in late summer there are thousands of Dahlias, approximately 100 varieties, decorating the scenic shoreline between the “Temple de Morges” and the “Parc de Vertou”.

We visited during Spring in April 2017, while we were housesitting in Aubonne. It was a sunny Thursday morning, with a strong bitterly cold wind, the sort that rattles your bones and teeth all at the same time. Being sensible, we were clothed appropriately, and our need for a walk and fresh air overcame our dislike of bitterly cold wind. Fudge, the dog, was eager to read some more DNA from the last visiting dog along the walkway.

Let’s hit the road and head to Morges.

Us - Aubonne, Swizerland

Which is about 11kms down the road, another town that is beside Lake Geneva? On arrival, the colourful tulips were a cheerful sight. Fudge was eager to check them out, and before we knew it, he was. Bounding and leaping through them. We avoided all eye contact with what appeared to be stern-looking ladies coming towards us. They didn’t understand the overwhelming urge that Fudge had to bound and leap through the tulips.

However, we all knew.

Luckily for us all, no flower or dog was injured during this foray.

Now that Fudge is on a lead not so long let’s all go for a stroll through the tulips.


Did I mention there was a strong wind?


Various shaped beds added extra interest.


Morges Castle_edited

Not only are the tulips magnificent, but there is also a castle and a vista from the Morges Port .

Port of Morges

A breathtakingly picturesque part of the world to have had the opportunity to housesit and explore.

Footnote: Just in case you were wondering why I am delving into previous posts. It’s due to having to reinstall photographs on earlier posts, mainly 2017-18. An error occurred when I transferred my blog from Globalhousesitterx2 to LifeatNo22, which I’m sure I have previously mentioned. Now, it’s time to get serious and complete the job. Hopefully, it won’t take too long. Famous last words.

36 thoughts on “Spring Tulips in Morges, Switzerland”

    1. Yes, I can’t get my head around how on earth you go whizzing down those ski slopes ๐Ÿ˜‰ Mountain views are beautiful and certainly have that wow factor. I’m glad to have the older posts just need to reenter all the photos!


    1. Aren’t they beautiful. I loved revisiting this post as tulips don’t grow well here in Tauranga during the spring as it is too warm. It was also a wonderful housesit, the people, the place and especially Fudge who we cared for when his family moved to Spain.

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    1. Janis, thanks for saying that as I was wondering if it was wise to republish them. I won’t be redoing them all. Just the odd one now and again. Hope all is well with you both?

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Keeping focused on a task seems harder in isolation. I haven’t been bored though missing having a change in routine! America is certainly been hit hard, and pleased to hear all is well with you both in California.


  1. Wow! These photos are gorgeous!! It looks like the perfect day, even if it was cold and windy!
    By the way, my sister calls it โ€œpee-mailโ€ when her dog does around sniffing the DNA from the last visiting doggo.

    Liked by 1 person

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