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Live Life – Like it was 1969

Feeling nostalgic for the stillness

Soaking in the views and not fumes

Cyclists are back on the road

Like it was in the good old days

Lazy sunshine hours stretching out for days

Mother earth breathes easily

The background hum

Birds not cars

Cycling in the breeze

Listening to the rustling trees.

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18 thoughts on “Live Life – Like it was 1969”

    1. Very true, like most things in life we miss what we haven’t got. The stillness was a treat and I loved cycling around with hardly any traffic. Having said that we do have excellent cycle/walk trails so there is no need to use the roads. When a 2 metre distance was required most of the trails weren’t appropriate.


    1. Thanks Margaret and you’re right about the helmet. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of myself or my siblings on bikes. Yes, I do remember the debate regarding the wearing of helmets. There are certainly two schools of thought.

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