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October Squares – Shell be Right

One of a kind, two of a kind on a Shelly Beach, there are more to be found if you look further down the beach. Always fun to go shell collecting, don’t you think? Then there are the shells with residents still residing and moving about in their moveable house. Shhhh, be quiet, stand still, and you will be rewarded watching them move.

Are you up for a challenge? If so, head on over to Becky’s blog and view her take on perception as well as other bloggers from around the world.


19 thoughts on “October Squares – Shell be Right”

      1. Yep! Used to do that as well, while I was backpacking and sailing. Tough to take those beautiful pebbles and stones “home” on a plane and dedicate the precious weight to them. When I cleaned up shop in Belgium, before my parents moved, they all had to go… I never settled with a small garden by then, to use the stones as decoration. 😦

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    1. Les’s auntie collected shells then decorated pots, which we were the recipient of one for our wedding, it stayed in the garden when we left our farm. A healthy obsession and fun to boot 🙂

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