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Gardening in October at Plot 44

Well, unlike one of my previous posts this one is less controversial and more down to earth.

Our back-to-gardening first month whizzed by and about as swiftly as the damned wind whistling through my hair and leaving me looking similar to a scarecrow. Entirely appropriate comparison as I now recall that moment standing in the middle of the plot looking over to the scarecrow against the fence.

Moving on.

Feeding the Earth and Building a structure

I signed up on the 25th of September, and we were down there applying compost and other organic goodness the very next day. You see, we were about to have rain, and if you listen carefully on a wet day, you can hear the earth sucking up all that goodness from the compost and rain. Quite similar to us, humans, feasting on good food and fluids; it all goes down a treat.

Now that the rain has come and gone; the soil and us have all been fed and watered, it was time to start building a climbing structure for the beans and peas.

Then the real fun begins.


As the soil and air have warmed with the beginning of October, it’s time for me to start planting some of those summer vegetables. Then I have a lightbulb moment, and I slowly put the handbrake on my excitement and remember with wisdom that winter has not quite gone and will lash us all with her coldness, rain and strong winds. So, I won’t be rushing into planting everything on that first stream of summery stuff on a lovely spring day. The tomatoes and other tender plants will have to wait for a few more weeks. I must add that they are growing in leaps and bounds on our balcony.

What I have decided to plant first are spring onions, shallots, carrots, celery, lettuce, various herbs, spinach, beans and peas with a sprinkling of colour from marigolds to keep those bugs at bay hopefully. Mutually beneficial relationships bring out the best in us. We are better, more robust when we team-up. Same goes for plants. This is why I have always firmly believed in companion gardening, and I made a plan on paper before I began.

If they flop – c’est la vie. I will just be planting more. Never give up; just keep learning what grows the best in your particular garden bed.

So how is our garden growing in our first month? Quite nicely, indeed, thank you.

The tomatoes are in.
An up-to- date image courtesy of the Squire

44 thoughts on “Gardening in October at Plot 44”

  1. That is truly a lovely garden, Suzanne. It seems to be progressing quite well, so all your prep work is paying off. We’re down to our last salad greens then kaputt for the year. We can still get some locally grown stuff, though. Enjoy your salads!

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    1. Thanks Eilene, yes, the preparation before planting is I think the most important part. Could be said about a multitude of activities, can’t it? There is always the local markets if all else fails πŸ™‚ Enjoy your lovely Autumn days.

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  2. Wow Suz, it’s booming. Looks like you might need another plot. I always get to that stage in spring. I want to grow EVERYthing and run out of space. But then I neglect it over summer and curse my lack of restraint, haha.

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    1. Thanks Wendy, I inherited green fingers. Warmish with occasional rain and lots of organic matter assists the growth. Yes, summer is the testing season! Keeping them close helps to reserve moisture just need to pick on a regular basis. If it becomes unmanageable or medical issues need us to vacant to Ak for a few months we can stop renting the space. Oh yes, talking about needing another plot, I cleaned up another and planted zucchinis which can be shared amongst other gardener’s 😎

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    1. Thanks Jude, decided to be ordered this time around. Reduced space so had to be more organised with space. I just brought seedlings, though at the gardens they do have a small shed to grow seedlings. Might do that next season .

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  3. Looks fabulous & I can almost taste those leaves. I’m battling green caterpillars at the moment – they’ve virtually decimated my kale and so far nothing (natural) is controlling them.

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    1. Thanks Jo, we decided to put mesh around the garden bed as there are too many birds and it has deterred the snails and white butterfly [though we aren’t growing any brassias at the moment]. There is a organic powder to use, not sure of the brand, to deter white butterfly. Digital [fingers] death to the caterpillars at night πŸ™‚


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