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Up in the clouds

New Zealand/Aotearoa wouldn’t be the same without clouds.

Funnily enough, of all things we could’ve possibly missed when living overseas, especially around Spain, Portugal and Turkey, was the sight of fluffy white clouds amongst the big blue skies. In life, as we move from one situation to another, it can be the oddest things we miss most of all.

Random sky shot

Aotearoa is referred to as the land of the long white cloud loosely translated as: ao – cloud, tea – white/clear and roa – long. On most days Aotearoa does live up to its name .

Connecting with other “squarers” up and over at Becky’s.

38 thoughts on “Up in the clouds”

  1. How funny, you have such a love for clouds yet when we were hiking up volcanoes throughout the world I invented (well in my head) a “cloud sucker” because when we would hike for 7 + hours often times we would arrive at summit only to be greeted by clouds blocking our entire view. You can imagine our frustration. =/ haha

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      1. We are in the last week of the busiest 4 weeks of the year and the Tourist office was certainly busy with many questions. No chair lifts for skiing but all other snow activities available. We have had a great many days of lovely blue sky.. πŸ˜‰

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          1. Well it’s still masks and distancing but tends to be forgotten when on holiday.. Paris might do a 3 week lockdown.. They have just been on holiday for 2 weeks and I’m sure people are going back with Covid perhaps.. These next 3 weeks are crucial.. πŸ˜‰

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  2. my daughter spent 16 days in NZ in 2019 and LOVED it. They traveled from north end to the south and back up again. Your photos are so pretty. I took part in Terri’s challenge too. So much fun.

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  3. I’m another person complaining about the UK’s grey skies in recent weeks (all winter, it seems!) But we do get our fair share of blue skies with fluffy white ones and I agree, they are hard to beat!

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    1. Maybe other world events and lockdown are making the winter grey days feel more drawn out. Our next winter will be challenging if the predictions are correct.


      1. Definitely – there’s nothing to do apart from go for a walk, which isn’t very appealing in this weather. Normally in the winter we’d be able to go to exhibitions and the cinema, and we usually take a trip to sunnier climes in February. Missing all that this year!

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        1. Big adjustments for everyone regarding lifestyles. Life can be challenging enough for many without the current issues. Hopefully, something positive comes out of how the world has dealt with a major crisis e.g. improved health systems.

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