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Life in Colour – Giant Feet with Pulled up Socks

Moss as green

as green can be.

Dancing across the forest floor.

Moving along.

Watch where you stand

What seems to be

Pulled up socks on giant’s feet.

Quiet as can be.

Don’t be seen

Shh, let him be.

Joining in with Jude’s photography challenge via Life in Colour – March is all about green.

25 thoughts on “Life in Colour – Giant Feet with Pulled up Socks”

  1. Giant’s feet in pulled up socks… I love this! What fabulous photos and what a wonderful imagination you have. I adore moss and you have showcased it beautifully, especially that second dark and moody shot with just a glimpse of light.

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    1. Thanks Jude and no doubt why I enjoyed being a preschool teacher ๐Ÿ™‚ Moss is a good sign of clean air, so they say. There were quite a few of those trees in Hesdin forest [Northern France].


        1. Maybe it’s more likely lichens than moss? I remember tramping and someone mentioned that the air quality was good in that spot as the lichen was very healthy and abundant. That comment has stuck in mind for some reason.

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    1. It was a new adventure dog walking through Hesdin Forest in France and we were intrigued with the moss growing on quite a few trees. Even had snow on the ground!


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