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Life in Colour – A Memento of Summer

Once upon a time, I spent oodles of energy drying flowers. My findings were either from my garden or a quick snatch of petals that coincided with my hand as I strolled past neighbouring gardens.

Rose petals were a favourite when potpourri was a thing to create a room full of scent. Then the experiment of using other flowers began. My best bunch of all was our wedding flowers which lasted for years, then came the significant shift to a motorhome and yes, you guessed it, those flowers that collected enough dust over the years had to go. The following photos are memories of flowers that did well through the drying process from previous summers.

As Jude’s photography challenge is all about focusing on the colour pink, I thought this would be an opportune moment to share a different view of flowers.

Check out more images over at Life in Colour.

13 thoughts on “Life in Colour – A Memento of Summer”

    1. They are fair game and here in NZ if foliage including roses grow over the fence onto your property then it is yours to chop down or pick. Potpourri should do well in California due to the drier climate?

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    1. Yes, I used to have a flower press too. Made a few book marks by placing the flowers on cardboard and placing a protective cover over it. Fun being crafty πŸ™‚


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