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What’s been happening? – August 2021

Things happen in threes, don’t they?

New Zealand Farm Folk Humour

They often do in my life, and my life script is, without notice, dropped into the draft folder for a rewrite. Many times this has been a good thing.

Like many of you, I have aging parents. With that comes many blessings and challenges, from the pleasant to the downright ugly. This month was no exception and it has been emotionally challenging to witness someone we love in physical pain due to a fractured hip. To shorten a long story, I am pleased to report that Mum is well on her way to recovery. Did I say I come from a linage of strong, resilient women? Well, I do.

Sighted at Tauranga Hospital

A while back, some bright spark once regurgitated that we humans are never given any more challenges than we can endure. Some days I say bollocks, and on others, I agree. I’m not sure why life “events” occur all in a row and are not spaced out so we can catch our breath. Why some of us folk, more than others, are pushed to what seems the cliff edge of our sanity? A slight exaggeration, and I do loathe heights. Well, for whatever reason, I begged on a few occasions for life to please slow down so I can catch my breath. By the third week, my wish was granted; life became less hectic and much slower to Level 4 slowness. Teddy bears in windows rule as Covid is back in Aotearoa.

Never distracted by comparison always captivated by purpose

One activity that stands out more prominent than any other is the amount of stair climbing I enjoyed while avoiding hospital lifts. Believe me, when I say there were a few!

Then we had a phone call from the Auckland Transplant Team, and the waiting is finally coming to an end. Covid or no Covid, the Squire received the excellent news that we need to be in Auckland on the 1st September with his Stem Cell Transplant process to start on the 2nd September. More on the Squire’s progress in my monthly updates.

At the moment, we are occupying our minds with everything other than what will happen in September. Best that way, as it keeps anxiety and catastrophic thoughts at bay. We will be heading to Auckland knowing that the Squire will be in expert hands, with support from family and friends to keep us strong and fighting fit, we should be good to go. Best of all, we have each other.

A View to Heal – Waiting in Rangitoto ward at Auckland Hospital a few weeks ago

A Plant and a Party Dress

One of my favourites

When realising we needed to stay in Auckland for approximately three months, I panicked. Not for the obvious reasons. It was the thought of leaving behind my cherished pot plants. A mad, irrational moment had me packing them all into the car, the whole 16 of them, with disregard to clothing and other odds, sods and husband. Interrupting my crazily busy thoughts was, of course, the common sense rational male of the house who gently informed me, “We can’t possibly take them. How about asking someone to water them while we’re away?”. Of course, I had thought of that, just not in that precise segment of time. There you have it; all solved and panic over with our lovely neighbour Pam coming to our rescue. My equilibrium was restored for a while. Until that moment, I pondered on whether to write out a list of each plants requirements. Okay, what can I say? Absurdity ruled that day.

The following day, I had a wee chat with those green-leafed mates of mine and reassured them that they would be left in competent hands, green-fingered just like their human mate. I was thinking about how my love of all things green came about. I usually lived week to week in my twenties and was never without a plant or two and a party dress. Well, that love of plants kept blossoming over the years, and the party dresses did not. Maybe I need to balance my love of nature with a new party dress.

We shall wait and see.

40 thoughts on “What’s been happening? – August 2021”

  1. The Bee Bales are so whimsical and I can’t help but smile back at them – they must be a sight to behold!

    I feel you about ageing parents. I am very fortunate to live very close by to mine. I know my faraway siblings have anxieties. Too many friends have also struggled with theirs whom they can’t get to when emergencies arise because of closed borders these past couple of years. Even without these challenges, it is heart-wrenching to see one’s parent becoming frail and hurt. It is an interesting journey I hadn’t thought of much before till now.

    You & Squire would be in Auckland now – thinking of you both, and sending lots of positive energy as he recovers from his procedure.

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      1. It surely won’t be for long? Your lockdowns are short and sharp, unlike ours. Sigh… Cornwall has gone from being zero cases and deaths to the worst part of the country! We still feel trapped in our house as visitors are everywhere. Even going to our usually quiet supermarket we noticed no one sanitised their hands before going on and over 50% weren’t wearing a mask.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Sounds the old noggin is a bit noisy my dear. Rational thought doesn’t get a look in. My heart goes out to you both and I have got everything crossed for the best possible outcome. Take care, breathe deep and know we’re thing of you. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, wishing all the best to your Mum having a speedy recover. Not easy is it!
      I don’t think we have ever looked forward to an event and disliked the idea of it, or at once. A strange and stressful time.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. An eventful month, Suzanne, with more important events to follow. I prefer taking hospital steps as well instead of the elevator. Especially during Covid times. Like you, we have been dealing with aging parents (my in-laws) for five months, living with them (and their routines, intricacies, and deteriorating health). It’s not been fun and we need to make arrangements in order to leave again.

    Wishing the Squire and you all the best with positive results in Auckland.

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    1. Yes, Liesbet you would understand on many levels. A very anxious time though we are still able to make each other laugh. Les will be receiving many treats and chats to keep his spirit buoyed. All the best to you and Mark on your next adventure.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, she is doing exceptionally well, very proud of her. It is going to be a long tough journey for Les and we will get through it, one way or another. Thanks Sue, for your kind thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, we even have our toes crossed for back up. The plants will survive if not they can be replaced. Amazing how we get attached to something we have seen grow from a stem and a few leaves to a bushy plant.
      The difficult part for us is being apart as I won’t be able to enter the hospital under level 4.

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    1. Thanks very much, Deb and Grant, and yes you and your family are in my thoughts too. It is going to be a hard journey in the beginning especially as I am unable to enter the hospital to be with Les though still need to be near the hospital in Auckland. I will cope!
      Now, if we weren’t in Lockdown the possibilities are endless with shopping 😉

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  4. I think I know just how you feel, but can we ever put ourselves in another’s shoes? Just keep on keeping on and pretend to be cheerful (just for the others) then just for the hell of it and to give yourself a break, have a bad day and scream at everyone and ask why nobody asks how YOU are! It’s a tough old world and there’s no rhyme nor reason why it is as it is, but there you go ….. As the famour Bette Davis quote has it “Old age ain’t for sissies”, and I can only reply, “Ain’t that de truth”!

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    1. You made me smile, Maris, thanks for that. Those “moments”, is when I put in my wireless earplugs for music and head out for a long walk. Life would be less interesting if it was too predictable, don’t you think? Yes, old age isn’t for sissies 🙂


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