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On a sunny January afternoon

17 years ago, my best friend and I said, “I do”.

When I first met the Squire years before our wedding day, I never thought anything but old age would ever separate us. Unfortunately, the Squires health is making a damn good try at doing just that. Currently, he’s in hospital and has been for the last week. For how long, we aren’t sure. What I am sure of is my love and admiration for this man knows no bounds. If I had a magic wand and the ability to make him healthy again, he would be running out the hospital door.

So, until such time as I can spend blogging with a clear mind, and have more information to share I’m taking some time out.

My Squire
my gentle giant
makes me smile like no other,
my one in a million,
My Soulmate🧡

24 thoughts on “On a sunny January afternoon”

  1. Hey there Suzanne, been very quiet myself, but know I am thinking of you and your Squire, and sending nothing but love and strength to you both. Xxx❤️

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  2. My stomach turned over when I saw this, Suzanne, in dread of what you were going to say. Where there’s life there is always hope, darlin, and I know he doesn’t want to be separated from you so he’ll be fighting this with all he’s got. Please God he suceeds. We will all be thinking of you and praying. You look so very happy in that wedding photo. I can only hope for more happiness to come. Sending love and hugs.

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