Fly high, Mary

Picturing your girlish smile
Remembering your spoken words
wrapped with warmth.

Linked by sets of parents
Proud and eager to share
Family news.

Well-loved and respected by many
Still, you left too early.
Suicide was your vehicle.

Why did the world feel so hard for you?
You made the world a gentler place to be.
Questions never to be answered.

I was in awe of your pursuits
With promises to meet up
Never fulfilled.

The dialogue of childhood memories
Kept alive by many of us
Even more precious now.

A silent commitment
To stay in touch
With those you left behind.

19 thoughts on “Fly high, Mary”

  1. Thanks for sharing your poem and words, Suzanne. I think the suicide rate must be at a record high right now. Understandably so. Life is a mess these days.

    I’m sad for these situations and circumstances, I grieve with the ones left behind, but I understand – and respect – the wishes of every individual. But if help and support could have made a difference, then this is surely even more heartbreaking.

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    1. Tracy, she was a wonderful person to many and as always my heart goes out to her immediate family. It’s a loss for future meetings and sharing memories. As with most countries, our availability of mental health services outside of cities is totally inadequate.

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    1. Thanks, Janis and yes it has touched too many families. Though we hadn’t kept in touch as adults other siblings had and I know she is sorely missed by her family. It was just about me putting my thoughts into words. It happened just before Les had his transplant and was too hard to process then.

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