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Pottering Around Plot 11 – Poetically

Give enough of the good organic shite to gardens, and life in general, and everything multiples, bringing me to our expanding dirt paradise.

Yes, we have acquired another plot in front of Number 11. Getting the bed up to scratch meant more detailed drawings, humming, and muttering from the Squire. Before we knew it, the new garden was covered with mesh and grown seedlings planted. No need to give it a number; it just clutters my post headings, so the second plot’s story will be clumped in with Number 11.

The additional plot shall not be numbered or have a name [ignore the No.6 blazing in red]
Becoming a wee bit warm, time for a cuppa for this gardener

A Splendid Day

Early morning, the dawn sky
a lighter shade of dark blue in the east
and the morning star shines bright.

I’m fed up with bed
I’m off cycling to our garden
Harbour views are on the way.

Summer vegetables to be picked
Scarlet runners, potatoes
Goes well with a kahawai.

The sound of bees working the garden
that’s life; I can hear them now
humming like cycle tyres on the track.

20 thoughts on “Pottering Around Plot 11 – Poetically”

    1. Thanks very much, and I am sure you will find a space for all those dahlia tubers and more flower plants. There’s always room for more plants ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Gardening.


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