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A street-wise Rogue

Standard riff sunrise

Ronaldo by nature

Rooster by birth

Free range spirit

Roaming around suburbia

Sometimes, reading an article in the local newspaper ignites a smile. Today was one of those times that prompted this poem.

I was taken aback by reading about AI being used for blogging, that I wanted to say that this post wasn’t generated by anything remotely like AI artificial intelligence via WordPress.

It was developed by my scrambled aged brain, as it needs to keep learning how to process words in some reasonable order. I find the notion of using AI the same as turning on an exercise machine, watching it work, and then saying you have done your allotted exercise for the day.

So, don’t use apps to get your creative juices flowing; give it a go, and you may surprise yourself with your creativity.

19 thoughts on “Ronaldo”

  1. I like your non-AI poem very much. For grins, I tried asking for a 500-word biography. Terrible! I gave it several more chances and each was worse than the previous one.

    Now, I did recently read how a couple people have found it useful. One used it to write up how to modify a basketball game for people with various disabilities. He could have spent an hour or two on Google reading a bunch of different websites, but the AI did it for him and produced a nice summary. Another person used it to create a draft that he could then edit, instead of staring at a blank screen (or paper). I don’t know that I’d ever do that. I prefer to edit my own first drafts, thank you.

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  2. I’m resisting the whole AI thing – as a write it doesn’t sit well with me plus as you say it’s like watching someone exercising and saying you’d done your workout – creatively speaking. I do, however, like your Ronaldo – and the group of words/ phrases/ poem inspired by him

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    1. The newspaper article was amusing and the daughter of the writer had given the rooster the name. For some reason, Ronaldo had decided her street was perfect to live in much to their disgust.

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  3. I went through a short phase at university (mature adult student) of going online to make myself sound intelligent by using more interesting words/phrases to replace the ones I’d just typed.
    My tutor told me to get my head out of the thesaurus! 😂

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    1. Funny story regarding the thesaurus. We could all use more interesting words if we took the time. I certainly use words differently on here than orally, where I no doubt use more slang words typical of an NZ lass 🙂 I also use Grammarly to correct myself and am continually learning to write “better, ” which is one aspect of blogging I enjoy. Good on your for being an adult learner. I have studied more as an adult than I ever did at school.

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      1. I also use Grammarly, though I think on occasion it’s too strict for the modern day.

        I’m the same, Suzanne, I’ve done far more as an adult and I’m still learning. 🙂

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  4. Although I know we’ve used AI for quite a while (apps, searches, etc.) I am not tempted to use it for blogging either. Some of it is the fact that I enjoy the creative process and some of it is that I don’t trust the big companies behind it. I like the poem your very human brain wrote 🙂

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    1. Thanks very much, Janis. I have much to learn about writing poetry and I enjoy following those bloggers who are experienced with writing poetry. I love the creative process and it’s relaxing down time for me when my energy levels are low.


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