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A May Poem Challenge – Haiku

The sparkly night sky is full of wonderment when you are a child. That is what came to mind when I read what was required for Rebecca’s poem Challenge, a haiku using the line “waterfall of stars”. Sometimes, a haiku is not the easiest to accomplish. Here is my contribution.

The Milky Way

The Night Sky

Waterfall of Stars

Dancing on the water’s edge

A small child dreaming.

9 thoughts on “A May Poem Challenge – Haiku”

  1. A beautiful thought, Suzanne. I understand very little of the rules of poetry but roughly understand Haiku. Very remiss of me because I meant to visit Rebecca from Margaret’s post, earlier this week, and quite forgot. Thank you for a second chance!

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    1. Thanks very much, Jo. I really am enjoying the experience of trying my hand at poetry.
      I am a novice though I give myself points for trying 😊


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