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Housesitting in Marlborough, UK

Our last housesit was in the picturesque Wiltshire countryside not far from Marlborough. It really isn't far at all from the Cotswolds, as the crow flies. Which makes the transition between housesits much more relaxing and less time-consuming. Double doesn't always mean trouble. Which of course, Bess and Molly are far from being trouble. More… Continue reading Housesitting in Marlborough, UK

Housesitting, Housesitting in the UK, Life of adventure

A Mystical Destination – AVEBURY

It was a Monday, neither too cold and definitely not too hot. Just very windy. Time to check out some Wiltshire historic land and the small village which is situated within a circle of ancient stones. We decided to take the long way to see Britain's unsung Mystical destination and the village of Avebury which is situated… Continue reading A Mystical Destination – AVEBURY

Housesitting, Housesitting in the UK, Life of adventure

The Marlborough Markets

Our first sunny day in Marlborough, we made the most of it. With a trip into the township of Marlborough and more specifically to the Farmers Market.  As you might have gathered from previous writings on our food shopping, we do enjoy supporting local markets.  We enjoy the interaction with the grower or producer, it's… Continue reading The Marlborough Markets

Housesitting, Housesitting in the UK, Life of adventure

A Return to the COTSWOLDS

It always feels like we have returned to our home away from home when we place our feet firmly back onto "Dear Old Blighty" ground. Even more so when we arrived at a repeat housesit in the Cotswolds. Do you remember the lovable character Barty and his sidekick feline family? No? Then here you go,… Continue reading A Return to the COTSWOLDS

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35 THINGS about the TURKISH Culture

We have just completed a housesit for the second time in Turkey.  The first one was last year for 3 months and the second was this year for a month and a half.  Both times were to housesit for the same couple and their adorable animal family. How did we find Turkey? What did we… Continue reading 35 THINGS about the TURKISH Culture