Historic towns, New Zealand

Down By the Dockside, Tolaga Bay

With the beginning of summer and the festive season there's the search for all sorts of gear that's been stored away for the last year. Why? because it's time for camping with many whanau/family heading around the coast to their annual damp whoops I mean sunny campsite. Here is one popular East Coast spot. Proud… Continue reading Down By the Dockside, Tolaga Bay

Life at No.22, New Zealand

The Legend of Mauao [Mt Maunganui]

Mauao -  “caught in the light of the day”. As many of you know, I head up Mauao [the Mount] regularly though not recently.  Watching the sun ignite into another day I think is so life-affirming. Then there is so much more to this iconic mountain than enjoying the views and climbing it. As with many… Continue reading The Legend of Mauao [Mt Maunganui]

England, New Zealand, Travel

Robin Hoods Bay

We travelled the world to view something new, something old, and to ignite our sense of adventure.  Post-travel, I realised that there are far more similarities between New Zealand and the rest of the world than there are differences. Two such places that have similarities are the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand and North Yorkshire,… Continue reading Robin Hoods Bay