Housesitting in France

A Tribute to Ria

Today we found out a gentle soul in the form of a dog called Ria had passed away.  Back in April last year we had the opportunity to housesit in France and to care for Ria while her family went on a well-earned holiday.

We fell in love with Ria straight away, I think everyone did as she was that sort of dog.  She made everyone feel special.  Not just us, it was the locals and other animals in her small village.  Even the chickens had her attention even though they did say in uncertain terms that she was not welcome.  She never took this personally as there was always someone else to go and visit.  Which she did do, secretly we knew that it was to see if any kind soul had dropped some morsel of food so she could have that forbidden snack.

On more than one occasion, the three of us would sit outside and just enjoy the sun and each other’s company, no words were needed.  It was a mutual admiration club we all belonged to.


You enjoyed humouring the Squire with doing doggie behaviour tricks.  Just for a short while, until both of you tired of it and told the photographer enough was enough.  A program about animals was sure to be on the television, as we know you liked to chat back in barking style if one appeared, then sleep was needed.  As there was only so much excitement, a girl could handle in one day.

Ria posing

Then there were the walks.  As soon as there was any indication that walks were on the agenda, Ria’s excitement was palpable, and there was no patience given to those humans who thought it okay to muck around.  Once the door was opened, she was ready to go.   Off we went, a sniff or two, not too many just enough to read the DNA of the previous visitor.  Then it was just the pure pleasure of running free in long grass.


Your smile will never be forgotten Ria, you were such a gentle soul.  R.I.P

26 thoughts on “A Tribute to Ria”

  1. So sorry to read this, Suz. It looks like Ria had a wonderful life with her humans and her pet sitters. I hope she is playing along with all the other wonderful doggie souls at the other end of the rainbow. ❤

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