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Autumn to Spring in one day

Our last day in Lisbon, which ends our 2nd year housesitting in the Northern Hemisphere. WOW, it’s been another fantastic time meeting some wonderful caring people (thank you!), very loveable animals and exploring incredible countries.

We are on our way home to New Zealand (via London/Singapore) as we need to hug some extraordinary people who we have missed before we start our 3rd year housesitting in Spain in November.

Time to (3)_edited

Not gone for long and of course, I will be popping in now and again, to publish a word or two about Lisbon and of course New Zealand.  Never shall I write the words “I won’t be doing any blogging for a while”, as we know no blogger ever entirely goes away from tapping out words to share.

Bye for now (1)_edited



30 thoughts on “Autumn to Spring in one day”

    1. Will love to Wendy we are back now until the 7 November. Unfortunately, I have caught a damned cold and a dentist appointment tomorrow, full of the joys 🙂 Once we get sorted and appts done will hopefully catch up.


    1. Thanks, yes I made it years ago out of an old childhood blanket 🙂 It’s in storage and hopefully it will be okay when we unpack the boxes!

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  1. Welcome back to the southern hemisphere Suz!! Enjoy your trip back to NZ, we’ll be there at the start of November for a few weeks of touring and bike riding. My Melanie is on her way back to UK after a great time was had by all in Fiji. See you around soon. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Deb. The cycling tour sounds great. If you are around the Bay of Plenty send me a message and we all could have a cuppa together 😀 I understand if you aren’t able due to both our scedules as time goes by so fast. My voice is going due to a cold so our first weekend will be quiet!!

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  2. Safe travels. Where about in NZ? You are so right, us bloggers will always find something to tap about….. my own intention was only to post about our caravan travels. Time has seen the blog evolve into an eclectic mix of everything.
    I hope your flight isn’t too uncomfortable…..

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    1. Thanks Chris, I’m sure we will survive the flight, we should be used to it by now ☺ It’s more interesting to have a few sidelines to the main topic every now and again.

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    1. Thanks Lorelle, yes Singapore is just a stopover for a few hours, doing the trip back home in one go. Have been to Singapore a few times for a week or more.

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        1. Yes, tell me about it, done it a few times now so we should be used to it 🙂 Thanks Lorelle x


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