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Snow in Spain

20180108_113241_editedSpain usually equates to sun, warmth and olive trees?  Not particularly covered in snow.

Do you remember viewing my tongue in cheek quote on Travelling Light, regarding warm clothing and how this may not be as necessary this year to pack?  Just in case you don’t here it is,

“Now getting back to the dilemma about whether I need to include another warmer jacket in my luggage.  Though as I have mentioned above, we hope not to repeat the -14C this northern winter.  We will be in Southern Spain where it doesn’t get too cold.”

Yes, I can see the headlines now!


Well, it did not entirely break all previous records, nonetheless to see snow on Malaga beach is quite a rare event.  You are more likely to glimpse pale-skinned visitors from another land bathing in the waters or sunbathing on the shoreline.

Technically we were headed towards Northern Spain with the final destination being South West France.  So, yes we knew it was going to be colder than the temperate climate of Southern Spain.

BUT, it did get down to -11degs.  For a short while, less than 1/2 hour to be exact.  As we drove up towards the hills we were covered in misty clouds.  Where a hoar frost was showing off her best side.


It was still a surprise to discover that Spain does have areas where the snow falls rather thickly on its arid soils and on top of its hills and mountains.  These looked like mountains though, in theory, they are only hills as we were travelling through a gorge which made them seem so much more significant!


The reality was not quite as warm as we expected!

Here are a few more photographs captured during our roadtrip:

Les and snowball.jpg

Nothing like snowball throwing and dodging to keep warm.


My favourite photographic subject, the tree, all pretty dressed in white.


With the amount of snow, there was very few, in fact, no places to stop and capture some of the snowy vistas, which meant that most photographs were taken through the windscreen or passenger seat window.


The sun was shining on the snow covered village, for a moment, it looked like a fairy wonderland.







Villa Nueva de Cameros


La vida está llena de sorpresas - Life is full of surprises (1)_edited

Snowin Spain_edited

94 thoughts on “Snow in Spain”

  1. Yes, we got a surprise to find it so cold!! Though most days the sun was shinning and now we are in Istanbul where it is not sunny at all. Missing sunny Spain. Having said that Istanbul is keeping us entertained in more ways than one 🙂 Hard to describe this intriguing city!!


  2. My phone is not good I need a new one which is next on my agenda it used be ok but it is one of those phones which has been trouble since I had it …


  3. Yes they certainly are Suzanne, my treat to me this year is going to be camera with a slightly faster shutter speed and then I will be away…I love action shots 🙂

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  4. I’ve noticed, the staff are mostly Spanish too. Lovely people, but do they not like cold weather! Thanks re the book too. I love blog engagement, but I did start blogging because of it so I need to balance time writing and blogging. Doesn’t mean I don’t miss popping over to blogs run by friends 😊


  5. Looks like a perfect winter day, Suzanne! Though I think you need to find a jacket for snowy Spain. And like so many who have commented your mid-flight snowball shot is terrific. Now I want to see if I can get one of these photos in my back yard!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Beautiful pictures and I had never given a thought about Spain getting snow…A mid-flight snowball as well..Well done! It takes me about 15 shots to get anything mid-air and it is just luck when I do 🙂

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  7. We enjoy having a change of scene. Yes, Spain got a blast of polar air, which shocked many Spaniards and visitors 🙂 These cold spells don’t last long and the sun is shining more than it is not. It is very strange and unusual weather patterns! Now we are in France in the rain though it is supposed to be picking up next week! Thank goodness!!

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  8. Gorgeous pictures. It does seem like a bit of a surprise to have a dusty snow in Southern Spain. But, the lovely sights make up for it. Since I’m in Minnesota that light frost seems like a tickle rather than a punch of winter, but when warmth is expected even a little frost seems much harsher! The snowball fight did sound like a fun idea and I’m sure you’ll have many more adventures to share as you go!

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  9. Yes, it was a surprise to us, though if we had researched the various places maybe not. We tend to book places to sleep and leave the rest as a surprise. With so much organising to do regarding the housesits it is great to just “wander”. It was the wind that made it cold, take that away and the sun and snow were delightful!! North England has more rain, and we still enjoy going up to North Yorkshire. I didn’t realise how much I missed the green paddocks until we got to France. Where it is now raining 🙂

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  10. The Spanish are quite amusing when the weather turns nasty. Very rare to see people out walking in wet weather. Though more were enjoying playing in the snow 🙂 Yes, coldest winter for a few years. Strange weather!! Oh well Gary, I would say your quest to finish your book is more important, don’t you think 🙂

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  11. Such lovely pictures and I couldn’t stop admiring that tree. Sitting here in Bangalore and typing this when the Sun is shining bright outside, you pictures make me wonder how would it feel in so much of snow. Enjoyed your post!

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  12. My brain literally can’t compute the idea of snow in Spain. Though I have only been to Spain in summer of course. And I also can’t believe the temperatures. It hasn’t been anywhere near as cold as that in the North of England! Excellent photo of the snowball by the way.

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  13. Wow, something about blue skies with snow underneath that really sends me back to days of yore and childhood idylls fishing for grayling as a teenager. You can’t beat low rivers, soft sun and the outdoors in those conditions. Coincidentally out local pub has Spanish landlords and their chef went back to Spain for three weeks this month. I spoke to him on Wedbesday asking how it went and he said “Cold, it was very cold.” Obviousky spoken with a Spanish accent, but he was rather gloomy as he went back for some sun not snow lol.

    Missed your posts of late too. Writing has proper made me neglect blogging!

    Lovely photos too, as always!

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