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A Pretty Village in France – Auvillar

It was a Monday. Last week to be precise.

At this stage of our housesitting, the countryside, Miss Dexter and us, had felt and seen the rain for days on end. It was time for a break in the weather. To don, our jackets take a deep breath and head out. Whether it be rain or shine, we were going for a walk. Thankfully, it was somewhere in between, the hours we chose.


Firstly, we had to take a short drive up a hill to what is written numerously online as one of the prettiest villages in France.


Was it today? We had our doubts about whether this was correct or not. Prettiness may not be the chosen word for a chilly wettish winter’s day. Though hopefully, we will have the opportunity for a revisit when the weather is warmer as I am sure the village will be at it’s best and be blooming lovely.


This is not to discount our visit during which the bare bones of this village are more visible. We were able to appreciate and admire the buildings, greet the locals, without hordes of people trying to do the same thing.

What cannot be seen though felt and not bothered or touched by the seasons is Poetry. It is everywhere in Auvillar, according to a local poet.


Our walk was carried out somewhat gingerly over the cobbled stones; going back toward the centre of town, the tower of the Church of St. Peter rises over every building and tree. It is a religious experience of sorts, even for me, who renounced her Catholicism many years ago.


After our stroll around ended, we headed to the supermarché for something delectable to cook up for dinner tonight. As I waited in the car, with Miss Dexter. She was looking forlornly towards where the Squire had gone. I told her she was in a far more desirable position than the dog next door who had sat proudly in the front seat until the missus came back, then got relegated to the backseat with no view at all.

Then before we knew it, the Squire was back, food in the boot and off we went back to home base. With the three of us looking forward to some sort of warmth and nourishment. In that order.

As you do after an enjoyable winter’s walk around the neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Walk - Auvillar_edited


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