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The Markets of France

Our time cruising along the Friesland canals and the road trip across part of France came to an end with the beginning of October. We are now reintroducing ourselves to our current housesit and a neighbourhood walk or two with the delightful Dexter. The previous time we were here, as in Espalais, France was in… Continue reading The Markets of France

Housesitting, Housesitting in France

Where the blardy hell are you?

Here we are, in the region of Hauts-de-France.  To break that down even further, we are staying in a small commune just out of Fruges, in the department of Pas-e-Calais. Today, being the 6th January is precisely one week since we hopped off the train at Calais and arrived at our next French housesit.  Our first weekend was filled… Continue reading Where the blardy hell are you?