76 thoughts on “Postcards from Istanbul”

  1. You do gad about don’t you! I’ve just caught up with your blog and now you’re in Turkey………….Istanbul would definitely be somewhere I’d like to visit. Looking forward to more posts on Turkey.

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  2. Thanks Liesbet for your lovely comment ☺ I do love being creative and blogging is filling that gap. Yes, I think we can blame the beast from the East for making it so cold. We saw the temps before arriving and thought around 15deg high wasn’t too bad!!! Then the wind chill and stomach virus happened! 🤤 We survived to tell another story 😃 Good to be back looking after Tequila and co plus seeing their human parents again. My office on the verandah was most welcome. Not forgetting beach and neighbourhood walks. Hope all’s going well for you both and your mother in law.

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  3. Suz, what a fantastic idea to bring this blog in the form of postcards. So creative, interesting and fun to read and look at.

    I once went to Istanbul around this time of the year, thinking it was Turkey, so it should be warm. Hah! Was I in for a surprise. No snow, but verrrrry cold! And, I wasn’t dressed for that. Never again will I be ill-prepared for a city as splendid as Istanbul. Enjoy your next (repeat) house sit!

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