Life of adventure, Travelling between housesits

Heading off to “Dear Old Blighty”

As most of you are aware, we have been in Turkey since late February.

With a week in Istanbul Postcards from Istanbul, we then flew down to complete another housesit in Dalyan, this was a repeat one caring for one gentle and adorable always smiling dog called Tequila, and two equally lovable cats Charlie and Kizzy, not forgetting the temporary feline visitor called Molly.

We will miss them all.

Remember when I told you we had run out of steam in my post The Downside of Travelling Long-Term Well, I am happy to write that we have now charged those travel batteries and rearing to go.

How did we recharge?

With many relaxing walks around the countryside, beach and beyond.  A leisurely lunch and chat at a local restaurant.  Then there was so course a few hours of writing/blogging for me and some number crunching on a few excel programs for the Squire.

The spring weather brought more temperate weather, which has been idyllic to do more extended walks, unlike summer when the heat was unbearable for most of the day to contemplate a long leisurely wander.

Where are we heading too?

The UK, for five months.


Many plans have been organised, to catch up with friends and family in Devon, a few fellow bloggers throughout the UK and old friends arriving from New Zealand.  In amongst all that there will be a few repeat housesits and a few new housesits,  people and animals just to keep us on our toes.

We have had a fabulous time being a “local” for a brief time in a culture and community, that has reinforced our desire to learn more.  As usual, it will take a while to absorb everything that we have discovered and what lifelong impressions it will have on us.  I believe it has made us even more open-minded to various ways of dealing with life and its usual challenges.  This country has certainly had us again question our western middle-class beliefs about the Muslim and Turkish culture.  More on this later.

More awareness of how easy we can take ordinary everyday privileges for granted.  I am sure we will become even more grateful for the life we lead, the more travelling we do.  Being brought up and lived most of our lives in New Zealand, we have not had to deal with as many challenges as the locals here have had to do.

All in all, it has been a positive experience, and, it is another housesit position we shall remember fondly.  

Now it’s time to pack up and head on another aeroplane bound for an island that has created even more fond memories of people and places.  There is also more than one cafe over there, that has the most delectable cakes and scones which will accompany a big dollop of clotted cream.  With one or two having our names on them.  Or perhaps it will be a sea view, while savouring each mouthful of cod and chips wrapped in paper, washed down with an ale or two.  You see every country has a treat that is worth waiting for and enjoying that first mouthful or view.

So lovelies, don’t forget to treat yourself with something that brings a smile to your face.

We will be!



65 thoughts on “Heading off to “Dear Old Blighty””

  1. You’re heading over here just as the weather is improving. Enjoy the cream teas, fish and chips and some decent ales. Look forward to reading about your adventures.

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  2. Wow, I never realised house sitting was so big. Do you spend most of your time sitting or do you have to fend for yourselves a lot. Hope you don’t mind the inquisition, its way out of my field.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hiya Wendy, usually we are booked up in advance this year we have been booked up until November since earlier this year. We have our airtickets booked to return to Europe in November without anything booked though it’s way too early yet. In our first year we had a few booked before we started off. I love autumn too ❤

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