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A Stay in THE LAKES DISTRICT anyone?

This would include a drive down an idyllic country lane to stay in a well kept 17th-century stone house, surrounded by a piece of England’s most beautiful countryside.  To wander down typical Yorkshire hill villages with its narrow cobblestone streets, old thatched roof houses and tea shops that will make you think you have stepped into a Dickens or perhaps a Bronte novel!

Views - The Lake District

We have enjoyed many excellent stays in various parts of the world using Airbnb.  It wasn’t until we went up to the North of England and booked into a beautiful 17th c farmhouse, did we realise that not all Airbnb’s are equal in standards or service.

The Lakes District - breakfast has started

In our opinion, we were utterly spoiled, from the warm welcome, a comfortable bed in a large room with the cosiness of an open fire, to the delight of eating a delicious breakfast in a place that overlooked a garden and surrounding fields. Looking out further past those fields, we were told that the house we could see was once occupied by the Bronte sisters.  The breakfast was enjoyed at a leisurely pace,  which indeed set us up to enjoy a full day’s exploring around a district, that can only be described as one of Englands must do’s.

An unexpected part of our stay was watching our hosts do some maintenance on their beehives.  A tasty treat will be in store for those visitors wanting to purchase fresh honey.

Beekeeping - The Lakes District

High Gale, Kirkby Lonsdale, is a beautiful 17th C stone farmhouse on quiet lane on the doorstep to the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks . Welcoming home in the perfect location for weekend breaks, walking, cycling, pretty tea shops and renowned restaurants. Well behaved pets welcome.

We invite you to unwind and relax by the log fire. Start the morning with our traditional breakfast and a pot of coffee while planning the day ahead. We look forward to meeting you.

Have I tempted you?  If so, then before you head off to book your weekend or a more extended holiday, do go and check out this tranquil countryside B & B –  High Gale.

34 thoughts on “A Stay in THE LAKES DISTRICT anyone?”

    1. Sonia, I am sure you will both love it. Even in the rain it is still gorgeous. More so away from the more touristy villages. The wide open spaces are brilliant.


    1. Aww thanks Jan, I have missed your comments. You would have loved many of these places we have seen. I often think of you and Mum when I see a beautiful garden.


  1. I used to live just outside Kirkby Lonsdale (I’m not too far away now). It is indeed a very beautiful part of the world and both the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales National Parks are stunning. Of course, I’m biased, so it’s really nice to know that you, with all your well-travelled breadth of experience, feel the same. Glad you had a fantastic stay.

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  2. That is a honey of an AirBnB to be sure! Typical Northern hospitality taken to the max and what a fantastic area to be staying in. I’ll look forward, as I ever do, to your journals of this area 😊

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    1. Oysth, this was a stay we did in 2016, the place is still very popular so I thought I would write up about it. We are in Clevedon then the Cotswold, then it might be a while as in 6 months to a year before we grace ourselves on the grounds of good old blighty.

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      1. Ha! More haste, less speed on my part might be good. I am sure Britain will welcome you whenever you may return. Although I am highly unlikely ever to live there again, my parents insistence that we learn our country well means that I am fortunate to know most areas broadly and many in detail. It’s a good rule. 😊

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        1. Your Mum is right and we practice that belief and spent years exploring our own country before heading over here 😊

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    1. Oh that’s a pity Cathy, as there are many that are great and worth the effort to stay in. I can imagine that some would be awful to stay in, with many that are just overpriced. Over the years we have certainly noticed an increase in charges. With many people trying to cash in without having the skills required to host people or manage a holiday rental. I will be posting more of the ones we have stayed in, preferring now to stay in apartments than someone’s spare bedroom. The one I written about is still receiving wonderful reviews and not overly priced with a very generous host, who even gave us cheese, biscuits and wine on arrival, without extra payment needed.

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    1. Hi Miriam, apologies for the delay in replying, the reason is your email went into the trash bin. So annoying when that happens!! It was a wonderful place to stay, and they were very geniune people which makes a big difference!

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