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The Month of July in Somerset

What a glorious summer month it was to enjoy housesitting in a part of England that we had not previously stayed in for longer than an hour or two. Which made our weeks in Clevedon, Somerset, relaxing and fun exploring its nooks and crannies in the sunshine.

Then there was the main reason why we were there.

To care for the adorable Cleo and her home. We have house sat and cared for various easy going dogs, she was another. Like most dogs, she has her little quirky ways. The biggest one is forming an attachment with someone, and it is not broken until the changing of the guardian. As in when her family returned.

She was there with me every step I made.

My adoring, small, black and white, shadow. Photos of Cleo & more

It was not a problem at all, as Cleo has a quiet presence in the house unless her favourite toy has gone missing or she decides that we aren’t giving her enough attention. Then she has her ways of making that feeling quite clear, with a sit down in front of us, and a piercing eye-catching stare.

I am not the only one to be adored, the Squire was another human that was on her radar when her family was not there by her side. Sometimes on our walks, others can be included on that list. What girl can resist the adoration from others? Cleo was no exception.

Reasons to visit Somerset in Summer

Lavender field

  • If the lavender hasn’t relaxed you,  then happens a visit to a family owned cider mill – Richs Cider.
  • Sit under an umbrella sipping a cider that you brought that day, with a bunch of lavender in a vase, just for an added relaxing atmosphere.
  • Visit Axbridge.


  • Walk along the Clevedon Pier.
  • Admire the lovely Victorian Architecture of the Clevedon Pier.
  • Enjoy a Fish and Chip night on the Clevedon Pier. 300 seats available, there is no need to book.
  • Visit Wells for a visual gothic delight.

Wells Cathedral

  • The Seaside.
  • Burham on Sea.
  • Eat locally made ice-cream after a long beach walk. Lovingtons Ice Cream

Eating locally made icecream

  • Haynes Motor Museum
  • Cheddar Valley
  • Glastonbury
  • Admire the patchwork fields of Somerset with countryside walks.

Patchwork fields of Somerset

  • Walks around Clevedon, parks abound for a small wee dog.
  • A proper English Afternoon Tea in a quaint village.
  • Visit places with funny names – Wookey Hole
  • Visit Bristol for a combination of architecture, harbour and a suspension bridge

Bristol reflections

  • View a working family estate – Forde Abbey House and Gardens near Chard

Forde Abbey House and Gardens in Chard

There you have it, not ideas exclusive to Somerset though still very much enjoyable in Sunny Somerset. Then there was the opportunity to housesit here and experience all these at a leisurely pace.

Who would have thought the month of July would be on so hot on a continuous basis. We felt after a summer in Turkey 2017 that a more coolish summer would be a pleasant change. It was welcome surprise to have a very dry sunny month.

Hope you all have had a wonderful July, full of pleasant surprises, like us.

37 thoughts on “The Month of July in Somerset”

    1. Yes, its in Axbridge. The summer up until now has been a treat and it made dog walking a pleasure in the early morning and evenings.

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    1. The whole country was lucky, Rachael. Just got back from a sunny walk and no sign of rain so far. Most probably jinxed it now 🙂 Weather supposed to improve for the next half of August. Weather hasn’t been an issue most weeks as we have had the luxury of being able to chose another day for exploring if the weather isn’t playing ball.

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      1. Definitely. We’ve had bad rain the last couple of days – on and off though. I got caught out on our way home running last night – absolutely soaked to the bone! That’s the beauty of it though – do something another day when the weather picks back up.

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        1. Rachael, my first half marathon was in rain and the temperature did not get above 8deg. I completed it, soaking. From that day till now I have never appreciated a hot shower as much as I did that day 🙂

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  1. Hi Suzanne, I’ve not had a great weekend so your post has lifted my spirits to start the week. I haven’t visited Somerset but thanks for taking me there through your photography. Such a beautiful area and that lavendar, just gorgeous! Have a great week!

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    1. I love lavender! Oh, sorry to hear that your weekend wasn’t so good Sue. The week can only get better from now on. Hope it does. Take care.

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  2. My father was sent to Board at Prep School in Burnham on Sea at the age of barely 8. Every morning they had to run on the beach and into the sea and then return to school for a cold shower. Unimaginable. What is most amazing is that he loved Somerset unreservedly and was often to be found there. Which made the fact that my daughter chose to be married there all the more fitting. I’m so glad you enjoyed it and your choices of snapshots and snippets of the area make it very enticing indeed. Lucky Cleo and lucky Clevedon to have you both for a while 😊

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    1. Thanks for the compliment and for sharing your story about your Dad. Interesting how kids were made to tough it out. Parts of Somerset were lovely a different story to live there.

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      1. I remember thinking it was dreadful but he was very blasé about it. Strangely though, even knowing this, I was very adamant that I wanted to go to boarding school (at 11 not 8) …. Living in a place is never the same as visiting. Another reason why your chosen lifestyle seems pretty damned savvy to me!!!!

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  3. My experience of Somerset is mainly confined to Bath at the moment. I’ve been there a couple of times in the last two years, but I want to visit Wells, and Axbridge looks interesting. Cider is a big draw, though.

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    1. Plus a few craft beer outlets 😊 Wells and Axbridge were enjoyable to visit. We enjoyed housesitting on the hill in Clevedon, great views.

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            1. Oh the lemon balm should’ve been okay. I used to grow it at home. Mint prefers the afternoon shade. As with most herbs they need the warmth.

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            2. Strictly speaking, the lemon balm is a weed. It wants to take over the garden. The mint is in a pot; it’s even worse than the lemon balm for spreading. They’ve survived, but they’re not happy.

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  4. I think it was a fabulous month all over the country, not your typical English summer but that’s what makes it so nice. August looks a bit more unpredictable but that’s just the way we like it.

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    1. Yes, it was certainly not a typical English summer. Not sure about liking unpredictable weather. It is the grey skies that can be draining. A good combination of rain at night and a reasonable day, hopefully that doesn’t seem to much to ask the weather gods 🙂

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